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College life can be tough,

But it can also be fun oddly enough,

Sometimes we are burdened with so much to study,

But its not so bad when we have a buddy.

Knowledge is imparted by our professors,

Moral lessons are also what they teach us,

They teach us how to survive in this world,

Where we may not always get what we deserve.

There are different types of people one can meet,

The geeks, the leaders, the athletes,

No matter who you are, at the door of learning,

Here we all are gathering.

Some sit in the back bench and make memories,

While others sit and listen keenly,

Some would rather sleep during classes,

While others would bunk in masses.

All of us aim to beat

The topper so we cheat,

In an exam we sneakily copy from one another,

And try to pass so we can enjoy the summer.

There cannot be a pupil,

Who has not bunked a class that was crucial,

Just to go play in the field,

Or rush to help a friend in need.

There can be no better sight,

Than seeing your classmates heave a sigh with might,

When they realise that a class is cancelled,

So we can all chat until the next one happens.

Less sleep, more work,

Struggling even for an extra mark,

Assignments are the reason,

Students think College is a demon.

But college life is fun,

One of the best places under the sun,

Where one can learn and grow,

And also make memories for tomorrow.

Each one is so special,

Talents so differential,

All together in a class room,

Not wanting to graduate anytime soon.

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