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Courage Beats Challenge

Courage Beats Challenge

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Nothing is impossible when you do it with positivism

Namita,a 24 year old girl finished her MSc IT from small village in Uttar Pradesh -India . Namita was from a small city and she was only daughter of his parents.

She was happily living with her parents .Her parents were illiterate. Her mother was a maid and her father was a lorry driver. Namita has no legs. She moved around in her powered wheel chair. But she was full of optimistic thinking.She had deep faith and believe in God. She always kept on saying , "God has always been planning things for me. That is why I feel I am lucky."

In her childhood, she had legs. She was very simple and parents obeying girl.In teenage, She was going for a family function with her family.Suddenly her family hit badly by a truck.She lost her father in that accident.Her mother got injuries but Namita lost her legs in that accident .Her legs were seriously injured by the accident. She became unconscious. In the hospital, both of her legs were amputated up to her waist.

When she became conscious, she asked her mother "where are my legs?" She saw her mother crying, after listening her question. She was in the hospital for two months.

On the day she reached his village,her house was flooded with curious people. They wanted to know how a girl without legs looked like.As a girl she became upset that how would she lonely care for herself and her mother. But this young girl broke all stereotypes which were hurdle for her.

She worried a lot and was depressed. Being a only girl child daughter of her parents ,She was afraid of being a burden to her parents forever. But she strongly decided to become an asset to her parents. She studied hard while studying her 12th class.With her dedicated approach she completed her Post Graduation in M.Sc IT . Later she could crack the most difficult and toughest civil Services examination IAS entrance in India, she got an excellent rank and joined as a District Commissioner.

When she was studying her MSc IT, She got a golden opportunity to work with Hindustan Media ,later she was selected as an IAS officer .She joined as a District officer.Now she is working as a District Commissioner.

This is the power of positive thinking combined with self confidence. When you think positively, everything will come to you. Always be positive. All things are possible to the person who strongly believes.We are the leader of our own destiny.Positive mind always helps to fulfill endless desires

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