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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Peter Gunn

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Peter Gunn

Inspirational Others

Literature Is Dead

Literature Is Dead

7 mins

What if I told you literature is dead

Would you believe what I said?

Unfortunately, you all have been led down the primrose path thinking your writing will never last.

In fact, everything you've ever written should be sitting in a trash can right now

Disavow your current writing profession 

Haven't you learned your lesson?

Who are you to mess with authors that are highly lauded by the press?

Excuse me! It's no contest!

Your writing just isn't up to par

You are no superstar!

Unemployment might befall you if you keep it UP

Besides your luck has never been that good what you should do is play it safe

Erase your dreams of ever publishing a book

Go back and sit in that office nook

That student loan you took out needs to be paid

Besides everything you've ever made stays on reading not ever another word from the publisher who could launch your career

Yet... you sit HERE.... tuff it through, always just making do

But do you think so?

Instead of just accepting what I stated as truth did your heart immediately deduce that this was a lie without vocalizing and crying?

Did you feel it deep down inside?


By modern means what I said could be considered true, so why did you automatically react so negatively in fact that your emotional feedback attacked my statement? Though, its latent impact is harmless as a fly.

By eliciting such a high response it shows your heart knows it to be false. This assault on your beliefs concedes one thing. That your creativity sings from the heart.

This sting that was imparted though only started by my words converged into one small little place encased within your chest. At the crest of human kindness and love, this organ shoved within us all just stalled your brain and came into its own. So what does this show us?

It must be independent if it sent out its own indications and the implications for this cannot be dismissed.

In 1991 Dr Andrew Armour found intrinsic cardiac neurons interfere with moments when our feelings upend the brain's control and they come into their own. In fact, they completely stand alone and are prone to interfere when things we hold dear are attacked. So, just earlier when I took a crack at belittling your profession that aggression you felt where was it dealt from? 


We are going to have to depart from these deeply held beliefs that your brain is in control. Your heart's power is something you've known all of your life but why did it take me pointing it out with my slights for you to recognize its might? 

Shortsightedness? Perhaps?

But let's sit back for a moment and consider the programming we have all had as children. Wasn't it considered bad if we just lept without thinking oftentimes quickly sinking into the deep end of the pool without thinking it properly through? Or perhaps back in school throwing a punch when the bully grabs your lunch? Without considering how much bigger he was and then he proceeded to shove you into a locker.

Girls! Have you ever mocked a classmate about their weight?... Did it satiate your need to make yourself feel better? But by setting her in that place did your heart immediately retaliate with guilt?

What about that bully that built a solid reputation as someone you don't mess with and you just punched him in the jaw? Well, your heart would immediately change if you saw how his parents intentionally aimed their fists towards him at home. Combing through your memory you saw bruises on his face and arms that weren't placed there by any of the other student's harm. But your heart was alarmed when his newly bruised face showed up late to class the teacher quickly cast him out to detention no one was quite eager to mention his tatty clothes full of holes showing neglect. Your mind was unaffected but your heart started to bleed. Successfully seeing someone in need proceeded to let you know that this boy's show needed intervention not yet another detention.

Mention this to someone and it was always after the fact when they finally react processing bits of information to station in their brain diagnosing if whether to entertain the police should be called. But your heart wasn't stalled was it? It knew from the moment you saw the scratches scrawled upon his face it embraced the situation quickly making the necessary associations far faster than your brain.

So why is the heart put into such disdain? Mainly because society expected you to memorize facts and figures in school putting us through rigorous tests to tell us who is best. But mess with the status quo and tell a PhD with numerous degrees that what he conceives is wrong and you will be wrung out to dry.

"How dare I!"

This scholar has memorized more knowledge than you can ever hope to attain. Kindly refrain from ever questioning what he says.

But, is he expressing his heart? Do you think he wanted to be that PhD from the start? Was there a 6-year-old darting around in his past that wanted to be the fastest Indy car driver ever ranking higher than any that came before him?

Would it have been a sin for him to try?

Instead, his eyes were redirected by societal norms to get him to conform. Disarm his heart's desires and extinguish that fire right away! He will stay in school no matter the cost even if his dreams are lost!

Oh! And be prepared to be tossed aside when your heart decides on something that has nothing to do with accruing social status. Even attempt to practice a trade that was aimed solely at following your heart and it doesn't immediately give you financial gain and you will be stained as an outcast. Your craft will be amassed as a waste of time and your inability to join their "worthwhile affairs" will have you negatively compared to doctors, lawyers, and some of the most prominent authors of our time. I'm inclined to ask you if is that fair.

The majority not caring about their heart's needs feed into a mass machine that's meant to keep you in 3D thinking. Imprinting conformity to the whole while the real spoils are doled solely out at the top. But, even if you make it to this "Cream of the crop" you will never stop on the hedonic treadmill. Forever still your desire for more will never be satiated. Congratulations you made it mate but, that woman you are dating is... well past her prime perhaps it's time you broke it off? Or that Lamborghini that you sought all your life despite its one-million-dollar original price well, it's three years old. Time to get it sold you can't be viewed as someone who can't afford a new car. Our hearts are easily stifled by lifestyles like that. Are you capable of combating it? But also on that thought, can you see it for the trap it is?

Quiz your inner self are you developed enough to tough through the scrutiny? After your mutiny from their norms, they will consistently attempt to make you conform. Your reform will be redefined never again to align with society's eyes. Despised for going your own way you also may have to be prepared to stay alone. 

Can you own up to it?

To forever be the one shunned out and still be devout to your heart? Oh sure, it's going to be quite the tart little red pill to swallow. The shallowness of virtue constantly pushes against your attempts to circumvent their mass hypnosis. But, your diagnosis to walk away and put your heart first might very well be worth it.

Your rebirth into aligning your heart and brain into creativity and decision making although pain-staking at first will be well worth it when guilt, remorse, and the overall disdain usually obtained when the heart doesn't get to play its part goes away and is replaced with a sense of flow you may have never known and then, that is when you will truly come into your own.

This zone of flow unknown to most is where true creativity exists. Admit it, when your heart is brought into the game it changes everything. Even when carrying a workload that would be daunting to most somehow the effortless flow of having the passion from your heart brought into play keeps the tiredness away. Trust me when I say it needs to be this way. 

Stay on this course and once you are used to being fed from a source there will be no going back. Any attack on your decisions to follow your heart's intuitions will no longer have permission to position itself within your psyche. The mighty heart will show you the way, my friend. Allow it to ascend your life from everyday strife and you will become more alive than you could ever have contrived.

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