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Namita Rani Panda



Namita Rani Panda


With Love To My Tiny Teacher

With Love To My Tiny Teacher

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Classroom is the best training centre and children are the living text books. No text book can impart the practical knowledge that they give. Hence on Teachers’ Day it’s a token of love to my tiny teachers who have been ceaselessly engaged in the task of grooming me into a teacher with their unconditional love and loving care.


If I’m a butterfly with colourful wings

It’s you who helped me to come out of my chrysalis.

If I’m a bird with wings of confidence

It’s you who filled my heart with passions and patience.

If I’m what I’m today with an indomitable spirit

It’s you who infused in me optimism and unswerving grit.

If I’m a tree with dappled green leaves and lovely blossoms

It’s you who nurtured me with unbounded unselfish affection.

You painted my leaves and flowers with varied colours

And infused sweet smell of love in my lovely flowers.

Your love and admiration is my unparalleled award

That helps me to be firm and fearlessly march forward.

You’ve added meaning to my life like the golden sun rays

My precious treasure is your memory and those golden days.

I announce myself as a proud pupil of yours for my good

Of course, as your teacher I’m stalwartly proud

For your support I owe you a lot my adorable tiny teachers

I salute you for your persistent perseverance in grooming me into a teacher.

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