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Namita Rani Panda

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Namita Rani Panda

Inspirational Others Children

Divine Designs

Divine Designs

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Divine Designs

A green leaf is her face, full of graceful creases

With innumerable veins: 

The marks of transporting love and affection ceaselessly,

A comprehensive portrait of life she is!

A mackerel sky is her face, faded yet full of divine glaze

With undulating dappled clouds

Ready to shower blissful cool rain soon:

A symbol of wisdom and divine bliss!

A lake in tranquility is her face full of rolling ripples 

Shining with silvery love sprinkled sparingly,

The smears of sweet kisses of life,

An epitome of absolute satisfaction, piety, and peace!

The landscape of a desert is her face, baked with blazing sun rays 

With the golden sand dunes stretching to the horizon:

Signature of the scorching heat of life,

A living breathing sculpture of supreme sacrifice! 

 A panorama of rolling green mountains is her countenance

With dense woods and perennial rivers,

The soothing touches of experiences,

An infinite converter of pain to priceless gain!

It’s the sweet face of my granny:

With patterns of wrinkles on her face,

Each line is an asset,

Each tells a tale of loss or gain,

Pleasure or pain,

With no sign of regret,

Proof of a life lived to the fullest,

Each tale ends with a note of infinite delight 

A masterpiece of divine designs she is!

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