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Gurgaddi to Guru Gobind Rai

Gurgaddi to Guru Gobind Rai

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At the time Guru Teg Bahadur was in custody

In court of Delhi darbar of Mughal  empire 

along with a few of his devout Sikhs who were

 tortured to death in front of Guru Teg Bahadur   

After Bhai Mati Das was sawed

And Bhai Dayala was boiled to death

And thus both were mercilessly killed

Ninth Guru took indication of his turn

At this he sent Bhai Gurditta, 

son of Baba Buddha with a coin

Worth pause five and one coconut

For transferring Guruship to Gobind Rai

The light of Guruhood was sent

To Gobind Rai by him in meditation

Bhai Gurditta whom Guru assigned 

the task, was naturally freed by Mughal

He crossed river Jamuna an Delhi at

Majnu Da Tilla  and reached a place where 

the horses of Guru Hargobind were kept and 

There then stood a hut and a flag in its memory

There Bhai Gurditta recited Japji, stood up

 in Ardas and gave those things to a known sikh

To  hand over to his cousin and told him to 

Cremate him as his end was near and lyed down

The other Sikh collected wood and did his cremation and the next day put his remains

In the river Jamuna before setting off his journey

 To Chak Ramadas to family of Baba Bhudhha

On reaching Chak Ramdas, he gave the

Things of Guruship to Bhai Harditt and disclosed

That ninth Guru had laid down his life and about the demise of Bhai Gurditta and his cremation

Guru Teg Bahadur's head was chopped off 

In Chandni Chowk in full public view on 

November 11,1675 and Bhai Jaita took 

the severed head to Chak Nanki or Anandpur

The headless body was taken away by

Bhai Lakhi Shah Vanjara who also

Cremated it at Rakab Ganj by burning 

His own house to avoid suspicion

The head of Guru Teg Bahadur was cremated

By Guru Gobind Rai at Anandpur at the

Age of nine years and Gurdwara Sis Gang 

was built to commemorate this incidence

The recitations of holy book Guru Granth 

Was started after knowing about the

Martyrdom of the ninth Guru and on completion

Turban tying ceremony was held

This Turban tying was not the event 

Known as Gurgaddi day of Guru Gobind Rai

But it was planned much later after winter

And held on the Basant Panchmi day 

Apart from thousands of Sikhs present then

The most prominent were Bhai Ram Kunwar,

His uncle Bhai Harditt and uncle Kirpal Chand

It was indeed a very grand ceremony

Bhai Ram Kunwar put the Tikka of Gurgaddi

And placed coconut and coin in Gobind Rai's lap

And formally conferred Gurgaddi to Gobind Rai

The son and successor of Guru Teg Bahadur

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