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Paul Martin

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Paul Martin

Children Stories Classics Children

A Wild Life!

A Wild Life!

2 mins

When the vixen sees the kestrel hovering high,

She knows where it’s going and also knows why.

Kestrel swoops low to follow her victim,

Field mouse is trapped but not yet alarmed.

The fox is impressed with the Birds hunting grace,

The kestrels are amused as the mouse scampers to escape.

A fox and a kestrel with a mouse in a field,

Three earthly creatures, but how do they feel?

The mouse scurries for food on the ground,

Worms and grubs for her litter she’s found.

Not taking note of the bird in disguise,

That’s when she spots, the kestrel, and cries! 

Cries for herself and cries for her young,

Hurrying, now worrying has her time now come?

The kestrel sees the mouse as food for her chicks,

No mercy, no reason, it’s the survival of the fittest.

With a birds-eye view she dives in for the kill,

Not seeing the fox hunched so silently still.

Talons snatch feeble prey, 

Twisted limbs crack then snap.

A bump, a scuffle, a tangled foray,

Will fox or bird win nature's scrap?

The fox is excited the chase has begun,

She’s planning to fool the kestrel for fun,

So cunning so clever so sly as a fox,

Positioned now panting behind some rocks.

She dashes, she pounces, like a red flash of light.

Disorientated kestrel now stumbles from flight.

A field mouse’s life seems so humble and timid, 

Though all life is hard, she knows it as she lives it.

As she humbly searches for worms and grubs,

The kestrel swoops down and snatches her up?

Limp body battered bloody stained 

In nature's struggle for survival

A battle pursues tattered remains

By these long bitter hunting rivals.

Fox like lightning-swift and stealth, 

Rampantly attacks and quickly pouts

The mouse is dropped into the undergrowth 

Kestrel is grounded by the fox’s snout.

The kestrel takes angry outwitted flight,

The fox is now howling in sniggered delight.

Empty talons for kestrel and flustered nerves

But is the fox a winner through her greed and flair?

She sniffs and scratches the ground

In disbelief and bewilderment,

Her prize has disappeared somehow 

She can’t seem to find the scent?

So she whimpers off in annoying dismay

Until she and the kestrel meet another day.

Now, while this entire fracas was going on,

The remains of the mouse carcass were found by carrion

Beetles who were on their daily scavenger patrol

They burrowed and buried it just underground

As food for their larvae and home while they’re growing

In life’s great battle for survival, it’s the minute that often wins and strives!

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