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Neera Kankra



Neera Kankra


Silken Threads And Noble Breeds

Silken Threads And Noble Breeds

3 mins

In the realm of Karraya, where horsemanship thrives,

There stood a scene, a tale of lives.

With elegance, grace, and beauty so true,

The groom and horses enchant, in all that they do.

The groom, a syce, stands tall and proud,

In silk clothing adorned, his voice not loud.

A hat upon his head, a mark of his trade,

A symbol of his role, his expertise displayed.

Near a river’s bank, this scene holds dear,

A syce, flanked by horses, majestic and clear.

Not meant for farming, these steeds were bred,

To pull a gig, by the groom they were led.

Hypnotic and disquieting, this mirrored display,

Subtle differences in posture and sway,

The horses, almost identical in their grace,

Yet unique in their presence, their own special space.

Symmetrically flanked, a sight to behold,

A portrait of beauty, a story untold,

With naturalism's brushstrokes, a scene unfurled,

Dignified and poetic, the wonders of the world.

Colours restricted, yet Indian light shines through,

Creating an aura, a magical view.

With a low horizon line, the space expands,

A sense of grandeur, like statues on lands.

Monumental, they appear, the trio and the ground,

Capturing tradition, horsemanship profound.

Within large establishments, grooms do reside,

Under stable-master's watch, their duties stride.

Large establishments, a team of grooms they hold,

Managed by the head groom, wise and bold.

Responsibility complete, for each noble steed,

From training regimes to their basic needs.

Dressed in vibrant colours, the groom stands tall,

A figure of grace, commanding them all.

His duties, the care of these regal creatures,

Training, feeding, ensuring their features.

Responsibility bestowed upon the head groom's hand,

Training schedules devised, nutrition finely planned.

Ensuring the horses, with utmost care,

Are shod, wormed, inoculated, health made aware.

Through time, other titles, with noblest roots,

Constable, Equerry, Marshal, among the pursuits,

But for those who toil with horses in their care,

A syce's devotion, a bond beyond compare.

Elegance, grace, and beauty unite,

Capturing the essence of Karraya's might.

In the syce, the horses, a heritage revealed,

A celebration of tradition, richly congealed.

And in this scene, so exquisitely made,

A symphony of colours, a visual cascade.

Dark hues and bright lights, a captivating blend,

Enhancing the decorative appeal, they transcend.

Restricted in colour, but rich in design,

Indian light shines through, a touch divine.

A low horizon, making the trio grand,

Monumental in presence, across the land.

Silken threads and noble breeds entwine,

Inherent heritage, a legacy divine,

With each stride, a rhythm, a dance in the air,

The groom's artistry, a testament rare.

In hoofbeat's rhythm, passion shows,

A tribute to those whose love for horses eternally flows.

Grooms and riders, united in their elegant prance,

Enhancing Karraya's tapestry with a timeless romance.

Oh, the majesty of Karraya, forever it thrives,

In the reverent touch of a syce's lives,

For in this union of man and noblest of beasts,

Lies the essence of beauty, where eternity feasts.

So let the story be whispered on the breeze,

From canvas to verse, it gracefully flees,

The tale of a groom and his steeds so grand,

United in splendour, across time's endless strand.

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