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Divya B c

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A broken heart

A broken heart

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In the wilderness of life,

Enters a soothing music..

Filled with magic and melody,

For a moment it's gone &

Then back again with colourful sparks..

The heart doesn't know,

It's a magical spell or just a dream..

Yet it yearns to catch the butterfly,

Dreaming of sunshine, wind & scent of flowers..

The foggy mornings and beautiful dawn,

And things seem so true as though..

Like living a dream or sailing in a ship,

To a land far away.. until a storm hits

Hard out of nowhere.., 

Oh dear heart,

Don't loose your way..

The spring isn't far away.,

But the fears of mind,

Are unseen & unheard..

As it cries aloud in silent echo of tears,

Hidden by the rain & thunderstorm...

For a moment, everything falls apart,

& There seems that nothing is left

As you have to depart..

Hope cries in silence,

Heart waits in fear...

And the mind doesn't see it near,

For the magic now looks like...

A rainbow that's so rare,

Appears for a while &

Dissolves in sunshine...

The soul speaks now,

Do not wither , do not live in pain..

For you have been so strong,

All the while.. & will stand strong..

Till the end of time..,

With new endeavours & new purpose,

That would change the direction of your life..

For I'm with you as a silent voice,

As you move forward with hope..

For the wind is true but the

Magic will be new.. 

& Remember that it's again me,

Your broken heart.. that's one

With the soul, mind and body..

Taking you to a whole new world,

Oh dear heart..,

I wouldn't break your heart!

I wouldn't break your heart!!!

Get up and keep going,

Let your tears build the bridge..

Of new dimensions,

New hope & 

New beginnings..

In the soul, that

Never breaks your heart....!

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