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Rainy Meadows Of Memoirs

Rainy Meadows Of Memoirs

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On a cold winter night...

While the wind makes its way,

Across the curtains..

Of the window...

Through the dream corridors,

Oh, my love..

Your memories hit like a lightning,

In the clear blue sky..

It's raining out there..

As I woke up to the morning light,

The meadows & wet patches..

Spreading its fragrance,

In silence..

What a bliss it is to watch,

All day long.

So, are those moments with you;

That are now rolled over,

In the pages of dreams..

Raining in my heart forever.

As clouds covering the


As the sight of green pastures

After rain.

As the scent of beautiful flowers

And the echo of cool breeze over

The hilltop, meadows & woods.

You are the blend of

Eternal love..

Like raindrops pouring,

From the sky to earth.

Shining bright as ever,

As I've immersed..

In the rain of your,

Wonderful soul..

To a voyage never-ending

And seamlessly beautiful!!

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