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Dr. C.K Krishnaswamy

Drama Classics Inspirational


Dr. C.K Krishnaswamy

Drama Classics Inspirational



3 mins

Born in a new world; you do not know anyone around

Started with a noisy cry and a big cough to breathe; 

You are feeling thirsty and hungry; your mouth is dry,

Stretching limbs, moving neck and waiting for a drink?


Steady the neck, turn here and there, no idea what to do

You have no clue how to ask for help or fight for rights

Moving hard to learn the basic principles of life to survive.

Learnt how to get your needs; you cry for milk and food! 


You are grown up, bold and learnt many things needed. 

We have hearts and souls, full of energy and own mind 

You aspire for grades and awards for skills and talents. 

World is changing; we are working hard day and nights.


Peoples are ready to support our hard work and efforts! 

Think; think, make up or hit on! Time is ripe to find one! 

Stamp, stamp out, make sure it happens to your friends

When it is dark hope for light, when lost you try to win?


Look good or bad, taste sweet or sour, smells nice or not 

Right or wrong do not lose balance; keep calm and quiet! 

Life's struggle, sad moments or bad events come and go. 

When it is his turn, he returns kindness you have shown.


We want food, shelter, good life and education for kids, 

Prosperity, happy life and peace at home! Life goes on! 

You forget pains, change the scenes and your mindset 

Keeping calm or meditate for a while; you will be alright! 


Life's like a book with two sides, front and back covered

Contents, introduction, characters, problems, solutions, 

Book comes to life when title given and subject revealed.

The writer scripted, take his words to know his motives!


Nobody is perfect, we have done good and bad in our life 

You cannot put clock back; you do regret and go forward 

We have gained experience to pass them on to our heirs! 

Life is a book of many lessons, forget it or keep it safe? 


Well-dressed or carefree; very miserable or fine outlook 

Pursuing core conservative or more socialistic philosophy

Low paid farmers or highly paid busy Company Executives

Treated well at home but badly treated in our own society?


Humanity is better and its values worth if you care them.

Man or woman, white or coloured, young or the old folks

They are dirty and ugly or very good-looking gentle guys!

Rich or poor, tall or short: leaning to right or left ideology?


Do not go by mere appearance, judge people by conduct

Learn their true Nature, we know 'all that glitter is not gold'    

When hurt, never mind, try to know their real character, 

Behaviour and attitude, study them if nice souls or not?


Men, misbehaved once, are not evils; you are sure to learn

Never judge people by one incident; be patient and observe 

Life's a mystery; you must explore to find their problems, 

Care people, listen to their worries and sufferings; and help!


 Like or hate but wait and see them you will be surprised

What is going rough will be gentle and clear at very end.

Love all; mum, dad, siblings, kids, relatives and others 

When you know their issues; try to help them as friends!


Study their conduct, behaviour and follow them up closer

Nobody is born criminal; you find this in real life sooner

You persevere, study, analyse and know the real characters

We will find a lot 'pricy pearls' in the dust pool of our society!


Life is eternal; seven kingdoms of life; we all know well now

Vegetation, Worms, Fish, Reptiles, Animals and Human beings; 

Bacteria, Archaea, Protozoa, Chromistan, Plantae, Fungi, Animalia

Life is eternal, it goes in cycles and love them all as kith and kin.


                   LIFE IS ETERNAL! LONG LIVE!


    Dr C K Krishnaswamy(UK)

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