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Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Classics Inspirational


Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Classics Inspirational

Yes I Know......

Yes I Know......

3 mins

A Soldier answers to his newlywed wife.....

Yes I know.....

How you feel living there without me and

Missing me all the time and waiting for me.

I too miss you, when I finish my work and 

When my colleagues tease me at dinner 

And when I look at the twinkling stars and 

Moon from my window in the night and 

I know you are my life and how important

You are for me but I have to be strong !!

Yes I know...

I have promised your parents that I will look 

After you, but for me my oath and my 

Promise to my service and my duties to my 

Motherland, our INDIA is before you came 

Into my life and I have to do my duties first

And I have to be alert and ready anytime to 

Do my duties as a soldier and I am doing it 

Because I met you, you are such a nice and 

Understanding person and my better half !!

Yes I know .....

You are taking good care of my parents and 

My younger siblings while I am away. You

Are not giving them a reason to complain 

And because you are with them I am not 

Worried about them and I am well assured 

I am indebted to my parents as due to them 

I could fulfill my dream to be a soldier !!

Yes I know.....

We didn't spend much time together after 

Our wedding, even I have dreams, I too 

Have a heart which beats for you and cares 

For you but you need to know that you have

Not married to an ordinary man but the soldier 

Who is tough and his duties and promises

Are his priorities but who is Loyal to you !!

Yes I know .....

When I get free from duties I always think 

About you, your beautiful face and how 

Charming you looked as my bride and so I 

Immediately try to connect with you and 

When I hear your voice then believe me how 

Happy I feel but if any restriction or hurdle

Of a network problem it makes me nervous but

I look at your smiling picture n get happy !!

Yes I know......

When on holiday I go to the market and see 

Newlywed couples laughing and roaming 

Together then I miss you, I can't explain.

When I see nature n greenery and flowers

And mountains I think of you, I wish you 

Could be with me to enjoy and accompany 

These beautiful moments and to share with 

Me your feelings and your endless talks !!

Yes I know.....

You trusted me and my strengths and so 

You are mine today, though we are away 

From each others but we are always close 

In our hearts and in our thinking and in our 

Dreams that we see for my next visit and 

For our future and our life together always

And I promise that I will come and bring 

With me lots of happiness and hopes and 

Joys that will be more than your dreams !!

Till then Jai Hind !!

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