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Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

2 mins 430 2 mins 430

She hugged me tight

And kissed me good night

I reciprocate and call it a day

Manoeuvering my pillow upright.

With my back turned towards her

As a token of sweet nothings,

She slips an I love you behind my ear,

I pretend to sleep and call it a day.

As I ran my fingers through her hair,

And probably my only affectionate gesture to her

My eyes looked far into her eyes...

All I saw was her pupils dilating

And my face growing darker than her eyelashes...

I lean to kiss her forehead but resist

And peck her cheek instead

Waking up to each other,

We didn't make love that night...

In pretention of a blissful marriage

It's our 40th night together...

She drags me out of the bed

By my shoulders and fails for the 5th time

The struggle is real way past dinner time

When a wife wants her husband to eat 

Who returned from work mad tired, flushed to his bones, with her pleads answered in dissy moans

As her last resort, she lifts me up to make me sit

And stuffs roti in my mouth, "you've got to eat something" scared she exclaims...

As I burn her down with death stare, she stuffs another roti in hers...

She was hungry too.

She resembles a lot to my lover

Who left me for a richer guy

I wonder would this one leave me too

For a better lover...for all I care, she should!

Thoughts as these criss cross my head

Like a chessboard, but before I take the next move

I see her adjusting her hair and brushing it quite a lot.

In a pickle, she tucks and frees her braids back and forth of her ear...

And runs her fingers through her long hair

Awful lot of times get it just right

Maybe, To steal my touch as lovingly as the last time

And probably the only time.

Descending from the cobwebs of past

I reach upto her and free her braid

Kissing her forehead, I brush an I love you behind her ear

And stare far into her eyes, until my pupils fill her eyes

I'll never leave you unloved, don't ever leave me alright!

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