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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Meenakshi Shukla

Abstract Drama Others


Meenakshi Shukla

Abstract Drama Others

Weekend Reformation Act, 2020

Weekend Reformation Act, 2020

2 mins 24.2K 2 mins 24.2K

When 2 days posed as broken lock

After an exile of 5 days long slog

How easy it seemed to shake off corporate dust

And resurface the wanderlust.

With fancy hashtags like

#sunkissed #weekend getaways #mountain diaries,

Insta would come fluent in our travel stories.

March 2020 marked the end of springs

alongwith last fearless human batch marching in strings...

What noone heard was an approaching storm

Of Nature rebooting flora & fauna with a chance

To flourish & revive, away from human glance.

Worst fate awaited for us 2 legged snobs

As an unknown demon waited right outside our door...

Down the drain went our routine 

And so did the concept of weekend

While Popular travel apps masked themselves in submission

YouTube, Prime and Netflix came frontline in impossible mission 

of entertainment in prison.

The weekend business no longer involved

Fleeting off to favorites food joints anymore

It waged a revolution of cleaning spree to the corners unknown....

Slowly easing us in to the whistleblower of our house-

The Kitchen

Which Soon turned into experimental lab run my noob chefs like us

All thanks to cuisines raging in cooking tutorials,

Tuning into one of which got me noticing,

I am all out of groceries!

Nibbing procrastination in the pause button,

All armed with my mask on,

Slipping into bra and pyjamas after so long,

Off I go into a purchase war sidestepping every human contact or small talk in the shop...

Where my heart skipped multiple beats with each item labelled out of stock...

That hit me with a realisation of splurging groceries on insta fancies could come with a heavy cost.

I anxiously gauge rest of the food section keeping my fingers crossed


To cool off a jittery grocery shopping,

I full my plate with a new webseries binge

But to not lose track of time, I keep the diary in my line of sight, that stare me silly till I get down to write...

That's how the ritual of bleeding words lasts every night...

Blowing up all our weekends introduced us to a new plan profound

Lockdown has smartly nudged unpopular fun from background to foreground.

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