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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Yesterday's Tomorrow

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No, it's not an inspiration

Spewed ode

Neither will it make you 

Ponder a lot...

It might stir


Or you might utter nonstop

Oh man! That's some

But I don't promise that...

It might speak to you

But only on levels

You don't speak

Even to yourself about

So, here it goes

Some things I learned

In recent times,

There is no perfect timing,

Exact place,

Specific standpoint

For things, you wish to do.

Cliche right?

But I ain't finished yet.

I kept pushing things to tomorrow

Tomorrow being a perfect world

From constellations to conscience

where everything falls right into place...

That movie I wanted to watch,

I promised myself to catch on torrent.

Sometime tomorrow...

That friend I needed to talk to

I swore to speak to him,

First thing's tomorrow

That excerpt I began to read

No stress, I've saved it for later

With 200 other stuff that was

Mounted for today,

I'll read it tomorrow...

Today is yesterday's tomorrow

And I still have a stack full of things

Still resting on my catalogue


Adding up more and more

By the second...

So, this is what I've learned

Whether you want it or not

There's no tomorrow to fall into

No safety net to swim with...

Shark clock and cliffs of reality

Are your only two links

In this chain of the vicinity

Where there was no yesterday too

It's today attached to today

It's today that doesn't change

It's today you need to change...

It's only today that I learned

there's so much to learn today...

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