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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Curfew Time

Curfew Time

2 mins 222 2 mins 222

It all starts with murmurs

Occasionally floating in traffic jams

You're forced to be a part of

Cause your usual route 

Suddenly becomes the zone

Of terror, 

Where saviours turned devils overnight

Wait for you to overstep their orders

And teach you a lesson of a lifetime...

Wonder what a lathi can do?

See it in control of authorities/

*Coughs* bullies 

To tame the dogs that are us,

Maniacally demanding answers

And not justice, cause our masters won't allow 

On the land that we call our nation

And to be beaten to death eventually...

Guns are banned, sure 

Who needs that when we have triggers of our own!

Wonder what drunk with power democracy can do?

Leave for work in the middle of the day

And if you're lucky and God is kind,

You return in one piece home...

We all know who that God is!

Wonder what a voice can do?

Don't look at Greta Thunberg

Being bullied by disdainful words of those in power

Ask people thrashed in masses for being students

Of a University that "promotes" protests

Students who weren't a part of it

Students who didn't cause it

Students who didn't care a damn about it.

In conclusion

Our master is angry for suffering this backlash

So they picked pillars of democracy in their own mighty hands

Until their dogs learn to become docile again

How did we end up here, let's not get into that

They are our gods, their wish is our command

Accept all laws enslaving our minds

Not a word, or God won't be kind!

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