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The Sweet Not Taken - A Parody

The Sweet Not Taken - A Parody

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(A poetic prose)

 (Rosogulla vs gulab jamun) (a parody of the original work “The road not taken" by Robert Frost)

I would start with what

Dear Robert would…

“Two roads diverged-

Diverged in a yellow wood”

Though the wood here

Being a yellow plate,

With the two roads – Delicacies

Quite perfectly laid…

One, imperfectly spherical,

Like a hand-crafted ball of snow,

The other, like an orb ordained,

Shades of red in a brown glow

One, like the shining Moon

On a soothing night,

The other, like the glorious Sun,

Overcooked- a tempting sight

The snowy Rosogulla beckoned me, whispering…

“Hey! Just take a bite!!!”

The Gulab Jamun seemingly said,

“Gobbling me would be right”

And as the poetic me sat there staring at the heavenly pearls...

The ras of the gulla was too tempting to ignore,

It was a sweet feast for sure.

But rivalling, sat next to it the Gulab Jamun,

summoning my sugar tooth, caressed, cajoled, nourished by the sweet sugar syrup


But unlike dear Robert would say,

Both, that morning, did not equally lay,

Sorry, I could not eat both,

and be one foodie…

Long I stood, and looked as far as I could

To where it went in my imagination…

Just a foot away from my restraint

Lay the two,

Floating like heaven suspended light…

And then, ya! Took the other

As just but, of course, DARKER

(not as fair)

And perhaps being more tempting!!!

And then as the orb manifested on my restless watery tongue, my taste buds tickled- tickled like they had never before…

Every bite so soft, so delicious, like a fragile baggage, being delivered to heaven…

Each om-nom-nom of the jamun transported me to the wondrous planes and left me in a trance, and I did not even have one last chance as the ball melted in my mouth spreading the aroma deep inside my soul…

And ya! again, unlike Robert would sigh and say, somewhere ages and ages hence,

I would tell this with happiness and pride:

That two roads(sweets) diverged in a yellow wood(plate) and I-

I took the one … (which, of course, tempted me more)






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