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Divya Thakkar



Divya Thakkar




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Our very hopes belied our fears,

Our fears our hopes belied,

We thought her dying, when she slept,

And sleeping when she died. 

I look at these wakeful eyes,

May weep but never see,

A night of memories and sighs 

Loving the form divine! 

The love said ''Go!!''

My grave said "come!"

Hey, heart .. 

I would not die of death,

I would die of vertigo. 

Like moon round earth, 

Like earth round sun. 

Maybe we are apart - our love, you and I,

Who've spent pleasures together.

Tis sorry work to lose your company,

Who clove to me so close.

Thou art gone and forever! 

Something attempted, 

Something done,

Has earned a night's repose. 

If God in you. Wisdom has brought close 

The day when I must die,

That day by water or fire or air,

My feet shall fall in the destined snare,

Wherever my soul on road may lie.

Too coy to flatter,

Too proud to serve,

I know I messed up, but 

Let this be the joyless dignity to starve. 

Believe me,

There lies more faith in honest doubt.

Believe me,

Than in half the creeds. 

I wanted to walk with faith,

Not by sight.

I know,

Faith without work is dead. 

Willam always said, 

Most friendship is feigning,

Most loving mere folly. 

Hey, heart..

Elysium is as far as to 

The very nearest room,

If in that room a friend await,

Surely that's felicity or doom. 

Heavy the sorrow that bows the head,

When love is alive and hope is dead.

To sorrow, you bade good morrow,

And thought to leave me far away behind

But cheerly cheerly,

I love you dearly.


Into each life, some rain must fall

Some days must be dark and dreary. 

Let these reach to me on a ferry. 

And 'tis remarkable that they,

Talk most who have the least to say.

Gaze most who have a lot to say

The style is the man himself 

Proper words in proper places. 

Thoughts too deep to be expressed 

Too strong to be suppressed 

To me, the meanest flower that blows can give 

That do often lie too deep for tears. 

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