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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Venkatesh R



Venkatesh R


The Virtue

The Virtue

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Everyone loves her, though she doesn't have a gender.

Everyone runs behind her, though she never makes an effort to see them.

Every one cuddles and protects her as she defines their status.

Life doesn't exist without her.

Cremation doesn't get blessed without her.

Hunger gets addressed with her.

Racism gets a different meaning to her.

She remains the same across the world by boring different names and values.

Though she persists around the world with different names it's true she can be called a gatekeeper of the temple.

She can bless a life, or curse a soul.

But still, she is a paper for the innocents.

She is plastic in her polymorphisms nature, though she comes with a life span with memory and self-identity.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum define her capability when beloved make a commitment towards her. 

She reminds us of the history of the nation fought in her casual form where eventually she lives a mortal life.

With each abuse, she loses herself to make others happy though she deserves a better life, especially when she accumulates and makes silage with time.

She got adapted with time, though she doesn't possess anyone yet she gets blamed for her beloved one's behavior.

No matter how precious she is, her place doesn't remain in our heart but in our wallet.

At times, we get confused with the people and currency.

People deserve a better place than a wallet be it any period and that place defines our character.

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