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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".



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Waiting for my prey

Sharping my claws

Clicking them to check their sharpness

With faces painted like cats

The shining glossy lipstick on my lovely lips

The soft pink mascara gleaming on my eyelids

The black kajal adorning the lower tip of my eyes

Heightening the beautiful shape of my almond-shaped eyes

An ever so soft gentle smile flirting on my glossy lovely lips

my eyebrows trimmed into a fine shape of a bow

The color darkened with the black eyeliner

Heightening the glare of my raised eyebrow

 questioning the mischief of others

the pearl ear studs hanging teasing from my soft ear lobes

the tips of my round ear lobes looking shy in the soft rosy pink mascara

colorful bangles jingling on my delicate wrist

the golden Kada at the end of the colorful bangles

soft design in Mehendi at the back of my soft lovely left hand

the long caresses of the long hair covering my bosom

half-covering my smooth back

the soft red-pink blouse barely concealing my full bosom

the ripe nipple erect trying to break free

from behind the soft fabric of my blouse

a single thread of my blouse tied like a ribbon behind my back

holding the blouse just above my ripe erect cherry red nipples

making one pray it will just slip

exposing the glory of my beautiful soft gentle delicate slender bodies

the single blouse thread tied on my beautiful back

 unable to hide my voluptuous curves

the lowly tied ghagra skirt

just above the hip blades

exposing my deliciously beautiful naval

teasing the mind intoxicating the senses

the ghagra skirt split from the one side

running down the entire length of the skirt

exposing my long slender legs from thigh to the ankle

teasingly peeping from behind the soft fabric of the skit

every time the soft wind gently un ruffles my skirt

the fragrance of my scent of a woman

softly floating far in the winds

to the sands dunes

shifting them from one place to another

in search of you

the sliver Payal on my ankles softly

jingling like the melodious songs of the one that you wait for

the red streak of color around the souls of my feet

making the souls of my feet look like a new bride

the toenails gleaming merrily in the

bright glistening nail polish

waiting for the prey

sharpening my claws

just for you

who gets fascinated

 intoxicated by my war paint

who loses his soul in my worship

keeps them waiting for eternity, just escapes just runs away at the sight of my war paint

for you, just for you, and you just keep waiting

sharpening my claws waiting for my prey…

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