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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj

Drama Inspirational


Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj

Drama Inspirational

The Inner Child

The Inner Child

2 mins 432 2 mins 432

Hey, listen! When did you

Touch me, the child within you

Carefree, innocent, simple and pure

Even years after years when you grew.

You developed certain ways of discipline

But I still love rainbow colors, butterfly

Jumping in ponds, flying kites, and paper boats

I wonder within you why should I die!

Hey! I am kind, I am polite as well

A little sensible, ut also a little tricky

I would never hide myself

Had it not been the affair worldly!

Oh! You become conscious

To go by-laws, rules, regulations

And you forget to laugh, giggle

As you get burned by social obligations.

You lose your happiness

To those worldly affairs 

You tag yourself with certain essentials

That is nothing but materialistic pleasures.

You forget to get silly as

You don’t want to be judged wrong

With Fear, negativity, masked faces all around

You have forgotten to sing” To be Happy” song.

Come touch me again for once

I bet you will be amazed

As l completely feel apart

For your sacrifices, you are least praised.

Have a look into the mirror!

Who and What do you see?

I am there with you in your breath, in blood

The traits in one soul, you and me.

Let us together find that cheap toy again

Run after those butterflies

Make kites, boats, swing on swings

Live a day away from worldly lies.

Let us do every impossible act

Of the world, full of confusions

Keep aside the norms, the rules, the society

Let us be “US” without calculating conclusions.

Today I tap your heart's door

Hear me, in that silence, I am a sincere knock

Put all your soul within me

For some time with me, let you rock.

Don’t be bothered about being called,

“ You are an adult, you have lost your mind:

Listen to your heart, browse your mind

Colored birds, green blends, never change their kind.

O, Dude! Focus on the whole world around

I am there with you in every stage

Keep me alive, keep me by your side

The miserable world will never look like a cage.

I may be a child within you

With least maturity, with so little importance,

But hey Dude! Spend some of your regular hours with me

To live a real-life, With me in accordance.

I promise I will always

Love you for whatever you do

My whole endeavor is to see you

Merry everything that you do...

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