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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Is It A Dream

Is It A Dream

2 mins 343 2 mins 343

Is this a dream

To which I've yet to wake?

Open my soul and

All is gone but a shameful act?

Are these whispered words, pulsing emotions

Created inside my head?

All an illusion, to find I wake

Drowning in tears, in which I shed.

Everything that I wished for,

All that I felt, was it real?

Or was it just a mere fantasy

Of what I wanted to feel?

If I do fall asleep, will I find you

If I fall into my dreamland again?

Or is it just a passing of hearts,

Emotions tossed into the wind?

Whirling emotions,

Of love in my heart,

I embrace so deep,

Passion shattered,

Tossed about,

Falling freely,

As I yearn again to sleep.

To Dream . . . The ultimate dream.

The shoreline meandered serpentine-like

Both north and south for mile upon endless mile.

The salient blue-green tide ebbed its way slowly homeward,

Once again to embrace its misguided brethren.

The sea lanes were void of any and all seagoing traffic

As far as the eye could see.

The sky is intermittent clouds journeyed off towards a new night.

The sea sparkled with glee as the setting sun

Cast the last remnants of its mitigated strength.

The compacted sand glistened golden,

Gently cooled by the descending sun.

The damp sand provided solace to our bare feet.

The strand hinted of seclusion as we grinned with delight,

At presently, being its only welcomed guests.

We sat down, and nestled close to one another,

As a gentle breeze whispered by.

Our eyes espied in unison as the slow descent

Of one of nature's greatest wonders took place.

The giant orange orb slowly faded into the distant horizon,

Leaving behind a trail of vibrant colors,

Each both glorious and vivid in its own respect.

Our eyes remained motionlessly ahead

As we beheld in awe the resplendent panorama around us.

We toasted to our serendipity,

And hoped to hold this exact moment forever.

One so very dear to our hearts.

As the sun set far off to the west, we gently embraced,

And held one another very close as a gentle chill came upon us.

As dusk enshrouded our environs,

We took comfort in knowing that our time together had just begun,

A time that would shine as brightly as the stage we just witnessed.

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