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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Neeraj Kumar Singh



Neeraj Kumar Singh


A Corporate Love Story

A Corporate Love Story

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What to say what u r to me..

Don’t know how to express myself,

How to keep control on self,

What to say, what you are to me,

Just your thoughts easily kills me..

I was just a coordinator to you,

Like many more who have come ur way,

Caught my thoughts at first sight,

But was waiting, for you to say...

Weekends killed me, for the first time,

Things started changing, do you know that?

Expressing it, would be a crime,

Resisted self, wanted you to start..

Now the days haunt me every minute,

The moments of sitting next to each other,

Trying to kiss, trying to hug,

Still failed to do it because you know the bug..

Hands on mouse, sitting next to each other,

Worried about being caught, eyes checking others,

Plenty of things in our to-do list,

But it suddenly turns to be a waste when together...

Heart sometimes skips a beat thinking of you,

Holding my hand behind the door,

Coming so close as to touch my lips,

Holds my breath when you come close in coridor..

Closed eyes had better memories to run,

Once open, blown by shot of a gun,

How can this love just arose

How can someone get so close..

My way to office was leading to you,

My cabin door would give me an entry to you,

Conference room was love making place,

Now everything is just a dead space..

Dinner night, chicken in plate & chick next to u,

Raining outside and we sipped coffee as the world was not something u cared,

Calling home and offering nothing, just a cup of coffee or water at max,

Pizza passed in front of you, but nut me, did not offer snacks...

Why think of offering pizza when i am in a state to offer self to you,

Why think of the world, when u have created a world to me,

Why think of future when present is so beautiful,

Why think of me when its YOU everywhere...

Finally what to say, what you are to me,

Blessed to have, the best to me,

Love u like never fallen in love before,

What have you done, my magician..

Again I am back asking.. What are you to me?

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