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Don't Judge Me, Understand!

Don't Judge Me, Understand!

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Mom, Dad, today our nears, our society

Has tagged me with a tag “A traitor”,

Which pains me, crushes me and

Hurt my soul much greater.

Remember, we lived together for years

In the same house, the same structure,

Love, passion, care, sincerity

Were your values for me to nurture.

You sowed the seeds of truthfulness

Made me to dream big,

You were always right behind me

Never was I worried, not even a fig.

From a toddler to youth

Every moment you designed my future,

Which is vivid and present

In my every nerve, in blood, in ear.

I remember your sacrifices, your aim

And how you would manage your finances,

You would burn mid night candles

To ensure my high scoring and laurals.

Day after day you persuaded me

To qualify competitive exams to study abroad,

I respected your concern, lived your hopes

And those moments I still cherish, I applaud.

One day while pursuing studies abroad your son was ranked

The highest scorer and was offered an assignment,

I consulted you, discussed all pros & cons

Before I signed the agreement.

For you that moment was nothing

Less than a dream coming true,

As my success had touched the sky and

You could see the desired image, through and through.

Days and years creaped slowly till

Dad you signed the last time in your office register,

That was a moment of respect and honour

And an exhibition by you as a great character.

All these years, the life at both ends

Was gradually moving with its own pace,

You were the creditor at that end

And here I had my bit to enjoy, to face.

Mom, Dad, I had always wanted you

To join me, your son, your own family,

Our association was always strong

Bonding deep, we were a super family.

You never wanted to leave your roots,

Your own four walls,

I respected your emotions, cared your concern

Visited, though less frequently, but made regular calls.

As the years have passed by, I too

Am stuck with the similar responsibilities,

That you faced some twenty years back

With all odds, with all probabilities.

Today what others say, how they tag me

Does not matter, what matters is you,

You are the one who made me what I am

You tell me what should I do?

The struggles as parents you have faced

I have not forgotten, trust me,

But the responsibilities at my back

Push me, thrust me;

To be a sincere parent like you

As I am your flesh, your blood,

To be responsible, to frame a future for those

Who bank upon me, my small world.

Mom, Dad, could you make me fortunate

In helping me in raising your second generation,

The house over here will turn into

A tranquil place by your expertise, your co-operation.

I cannot repay the debt that I owe you

Or I carry as a son,

Please don’t judge me, just understand

I want to serve you, love you a ton.

Let us forget the whole past

Build a world new and fresh,

Together we will raise a new paradise

Society and its false norms, together let us crush.

The world, the society, the kiths & kins

Will talk a lot at our back,

But with our intimate understanding

As a super family, again we can rock…………

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