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Meghna Sen



Meghna Sen


My Man

My Man

1 min 176 1 min 176

He looks good, but that's the least to speak of him.

His warm smile makes me feel cosy,

The only thing far removed from fakeness

When it slowly reaches his eyes, I can hardly turn away my own.

Those eyes dream and dare to do so

He lives for himself and that makes him brave.

He is concerned for others but never lets it show.

And that he never takes himself seriously and is the most committed person I know

His nonchalance attitude, carefree ways and what, not I admire him for

He never takes me as a possession, treats me as an equal.

He never tried to protect me and let me explore my own path.

Still he is secured in his own space

I felt more comfortable around a stranger like him than I ever did within my own family

He is the most imperfect person in my life and makes it the most perfect it can ever be.

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