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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Priyanka Prasad



Priyanka Prasad


The Unseen Chord…

The Unseen Chord…

2 mins 25.2K 2 mins 25.2K

“Unveil the frozen shell of the never touched oyster,

Peep gently through the savoured aces with ease,

Unfold a wide vivid world of wonder within and

Take dips commuting and availing the unrecked virtues in space!

Touch and sense the pores of the unknown heart,

That beats for more than to sustain the soul…

It cries and pleads for your true company

As if seeking the pleasure to unite the chords within!

Take time to listen to the voice of your own insight

That has been speaking since ages all alone…

Craving for the shoulder to be patted on

And to mingle up with the wisdom swept within!

Get drenched in the serene divinity of the soul

That entwines and truly dissolves the pangs inflicted by the so called… Life

Inhale and be blessed by the beautiful aura that surround you

And live life as it deserves…and be worth it!

Each and every vein of this celluloid hull

That seems to be covered with fake layers of deception…

Is to be relieved through silence, splashing the petals of innocence!

Try to be your own true partner

And stand by oneself with dignity and grace

Let not the unseen storm defeat you

And keep on spreading your lustre like the soft, elegant, charming moon!

May the vision you behold get enraptured with benevolence

When you perceive the senses beyond the power of sight alone…

May your lips utter the words of the Holy Writ

Uniting the earth unlike the heaven above!

Come… blow off your anxiety and let truth reign and rule

Enter the portals of the living paradise

And live like a nightingale mesmerizing the skyline

With your thoughts and deeds that themselves speak for self!

Relish every moment with pride

Paint the town with no nook untouched

Acknowledge the walls and ceilings of your little abode

And be indebted for all the goodness you adorn!"


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