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Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Frozen Pearls Knitted Together

Frozen Pearls Knitted Together

3 mins 235 3 mins 235

 “The ‘halo’ of victory surmounts the mountain peak,

That enlightens the gloomy, solitary veins of man

It majestically imbibes hope against all odds

Embarking the rise of a fresh new dawn!

The heap of rocks manifests strength and power,

Heralding an indomitable but a caring, soothing bower-

To wreath the souls weaving the chords of knowledge

With a flowery, mesmerizing band of love and togetherness!

The massive hill truly replicates a Heavenly figure in disguise…

Radiating and inspiring the travellers treading their ways with pride;

The beaming rays pierce the hearts of humans,

Casting a spell to move with dignity and grace!


The massive pyramid proves to be boundless

Extending to the edges totally unseen

Covering an expanse of strength and vitality,

The epitome of fortitude excels in demeanor and sheen!

The miraculous mountain peak that shimmers with its brilliance

Truly seems to be scudded with innumerable gems in its being…

Radiating an aroma of solace and pleasantries,

Look! The cliff that stands alone says, ‘Kudos’ to the persona hidden within!                                                                     

Grace embedded in virtue embodies the magnificent structure,

Whose threads are meticulously linked to the face of the earth

Getting nurtured and nourished by the bounty of the globe

The summit…the mentor proceeds adhering to the beats of his own heart!

The incredulous cliff is the Principal Within…of principles,

Adorning the sacred soil of the eternal earth

Watering its roots with one’s body and soul

Truly bestowing one’s unconditional love reciting a hymn so-pure!

The pious soul is an incarnation of a beautifully blossomed lotus,


Unaffected and untouched by the bog that comprises the sphere

The charismatic personality of thoughts adorns one’s Alma Matter

Instilling a desire to excel and conquer all fear!

I’m just a speckle who stands as an extended form of a cell

Exhibiting the pores replete with my thoughts and emotions

I thank my Heavens for the choicest blessings scattered in my loop

Granting the vision to know self and the horizon that witnesses no end!

 May the glory and splendour replenish the weary wounds of man,

Acting like a balm of solace and peace

May my carved footprints pave the path of vagabonds…

And I rise like a celestial body obliging the halo that surrounds with ease!

May the galaxy of stars always accompany the heavenly body

Orbiting the pivot secreting the source of sustenance…

May the family of our planet be blessed by the pores…

Sprinkling the drops of elixir procuring the message of benevolence! 

Hands seem to be folded and the soul bows down before the Almighty,

To be guided as a Captain and commanded as a Major,

May the fortunate knock at our fate, foresee a vibrant future 

Unfolding a zealous aura engulfing the new generation, saluting the Creator!

Let values be our strengths, and words be our ornaments…

Let our thoughts exhibit sanity, and our deeds extend till eternity;

May the God in Heaven bless the adorable abode,

Enlightening and paving our ways towards progress and prosperity!”

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