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Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Inspirational Others


Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Inspirational Others

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye...

A lush green glossy leaflet 

Once an indispensable part of the huge shoot..

Has undergone a big transition 

And seems to be left with the yellow tinge in its loop!!

Innumerable veins comprised the leaf,

And it used to breathe in when once alive 

The pores and arteries refuse to count its rhythm 

As the pangs of time have wiped off the mantra to survive!

The leaf of life which shall no more be green 

And is sitting quietly to bid itself a solemn farewell 

Counting the blessings and the work done well,

It enumerates all moments when life was softer amidst sand and gravel!

One of the bricks of the magnanimous mansion 

Have truly decided to get eroded 

It shall separate its identity from the tower that stands erect 

But shall forever be casted and imprinted enabling others to decode!

The plethora of emotions amidst the swirl of the pandemic 

Tied in personal shells but unable to be more sociable...

The abode of knowledge seems to be deserted 

But the heart hopes to retain wit and integrity!

A chapter of life witnesses an epilogue 

Bidding adieu to the reminiscent moments passed by..

It salutes the milestones covered with diligence ...and

The leaf you see carries a bag of kindness and reverence!

Time for introspection and to welcome the prologue of a new arena

With head held high and shoulders stand as light houses

The path to be trodden with pride..

And the heart to be strong now and ever after!

Let's all wish for the morn to be replete with happiness 

Where in the sun's rays carry the message of freedom from weeds that surround the globe from wounds that restricts one to evolve..

May an epiphany of ideas circumvenate souls 

And give rise to a heaven..right here on earth!

Wishes for a splendid New Year 2021.

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