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Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Children Stories Others


Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Children Stories Others



2 mins


A leap to the cradle…right from the mother’s womb,

A tiny sapling waiting to sprout and the glories of the Universe to adorn!

A moist pearl lies among the warmth of a mother’s lap’

With delicate eyelids shut down to all pangs of nature’s tap!

Lips as rose petals, though words remain unlettered…

A new world to unfurl with life taking new twists and turns!

Gently and slowly, life gets cuddled in the hands of the other mom’

 Whose caress and belonging wipes away dusk in the hope of a new dawn!

The meek and humble sapling gets nourished to strengthen its roots’

Drops of love drenching the soul and look… the seed is ready to bear yet another fruit!

The hands that truly care, the prayers that seem to be heard,

The heart that truly craves of your dreams to soar high…!

No other than the other mom… whose love is so unconditional

Your teacher…your ma’am… whose strong backbone…gives you a perfect posture!

A guidance though quite natural but is meant your pains to cure’

In times of rain or mist or clouds shall hold a quiet bosom, that’s for sure!

Rise every time you tend to fall, with yet more courage and more wisdom,

There shall be someone to hold you even in the direst of situations!

You are born to be a winner…of hearts and the entire hemisphere,

With the world bowed down by your solemn humility, you shall be the breath of fragrance in the air!

Wishes know no boundaries but still the lips do pray…

For peace and prosperity to dawn on every soul do they say!

May this soothing shade of true goodness…enrich your living and shun down all bitterness

May the ray of success and benevolence…ignite your path and radiate only happiness!

May this pious journey…from mom to ma’am…instill in each one of you

The power to link…to forgive…and to serve…

May this auspicious bond that we share…teach you tolerance and fortitude

Building in you a castle of a better YOU each moment…every day!

May this Teacher’s Day mark the beginning of a new era…

Embedded with new hopes and horizons…

May you be the makers of a better tomorrow…

A better India, beyond all limitations!

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