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My Kinda Girl

My Kinda Girl

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She is attractive and ragingly so

I don't know whether it is for her looks, personality, attitude, intelligence

Or a combination of all of that.

She bought perception and meaning to my not-so-meaningful life

She doesn't try to prove a point that mostly undermines her.

She is liberal to the extent where she never judges anyone

I hate to admit that at most times she is right

She drags me to the edge for admitting my mistakes.

I confess to Lord thanking him that I have her

She respects her parents and is obedient to them

But aligns with her own decisions.

I keep looking at her face, not that I can't look below,

Since I haven't been able to soak in its radiance yet

She never abandons her tough exterior and hardly

Let's out a single emotion

She always gives prominence to other's issues

Over her own;

She doesn't exactly fall into a category.

She is none but still, she is the one.

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