The Funny Girl - Series 1

The Funny Girl - Series 1

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Hi, I am going to introduce you to a funny Girl I have ever met in my life. This girl is a fun in herself.

For her fun is an adventure. I always smile when I am with her. Her name is Dolly. She does weird things that makes me laugh out loud.

This is one of the experiences that I am sharing here.

It was a lethargic Sunday and we decided to buy a shoe for myself. My shoe broke while I was in College, we were walking and suddenly my shoe broke into two pieces. I had no clue of what to do? But she went to the guard and asked them if they had a tape, pin or a stapler to pin-up the shoes and fix it. She arranged it anyhow which I would not have been able to do by myself. I wore the shoes with the tape for the next three days as I didn't get the time to buy a new one. As it was a holiday for me after three days, we went to the same mall from where we got the first pair of shoes. Here is the interesting part.

She and I were looking at the shoes and I liked one of it. As soon as I wore it, she removed the price tag and said let’s leave. I got. I declined but she was hesitant to try this adventure. She hid my shoes under the drawer and we came to the billing section to pay for the groceries we purchased. I was afraid and was thinking what if someone had seen me changing the shoes and what if we get caught in the camera. But, she was very confident, with the price tag in her pocket she went out to get her wallet from the security desk where we submitted it. I kept saying her silently that we will pay. She was like let’s see how much guts we have do this.

I was confident enough that today she will make me go out of the mall with this shoe. We were about to pay the grocery bill and suddenly an alarm rang loudly and she suddenly to my surprise takes out the price tag from the pocket and then she told the counter boy to add the money for the shoes. What! Yes, I got shocked. That she would do it. But she finally gave the money. I was relieved.

Later when we came out of the mall she said she would not have given the money if the alarm would not have rung.

I asked her what if they would have stopped and asked us. She said "I would have told that we were about to pay or would have told we forgot". What else they could do. They won’t have done much more.

I was laughing about the experiment she did and how she was trying to take risk. I was getting a thought that we would be there in tomorrow’s news and our story would go viral. Lol. Hats off to this girl. Only she can try this adventure. Its way out of me to do it. No guts at all!

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