Reincarnated- 2

Reincarnated- 2

3 mins

I finally decided to call him, as I couldn't stop myself.

I dialed the number and he answered, I knew you would call me. By the way, my name is Manas, he said on the other line.

I was silent for a while. Until he asked another question, can we meet for a cup of coffee?

I said, hmm. And I disconnected the call.

I received a text from him with the address with time where he wanted me to meet.

We started meeting couple of times now and then and I don't know I was now completely a different person with and without him.

Few months of being together, it was the time he proposed me. That first time, when my heart was all ready to submerge in his love, that was the first time I was ready to belong to someone. First time for whom I could give away my everything.

He held me closer after me accepting his proposal and telling that I love him too. He was coming closer to kiss me.

The moment he was about to touch my lips, I was a different person altogether. I couldn't bare him touch me. I got mad, angry and I left that place.

After reaching home, he texted me asking if he did anything wrong?

I had no clue. I loved him, and I wanted to be us. Was it because it was the first time for me? I kept thinking.

I met him again and we were back to normal. But, as soon as he was trying to get physically close to me, I was a different me.

Hence, I had no choice to go to a psychiatrist. Where they performed a lot of tests, continues sessions but nothing seemed to be working.

But, one day I got a call from my Doctor and he said the only way to solve this mystery is by doing hypnosis.

I was all ready as I didn't want to give up on us. I was ready to do whatever it takes to be his.

The session began.

I was taken into my past.

I remembered, I was made to remember each small thing from my childhood. But, nothing was relevant to what was happening. When trying further, I discovered I was walking along the way and I was being raped by someone.

There we stopped, and my Doctor said because this happened with you, it is not letting you move on.

So, he said as now I know what the reason is, it should make a difference, and everything will be on place.

That night I went out for a date with Manas, the place was so romantic that I thought that all is back to normal.

But, no, it was still same. When he came closer and touched me, I felt the same thing I had when I was being raped.

I called my Doctor immediately and asked him for another session.

Next day we went through the same and the session took one hour to complete.

This session answered all my questions but created several other questions.

Well, let me complete this story by asking a question, will you love someone who raped you in your last birth? Should I move on? Will my past let me move on? The man I love now had some bad connection with me in the future?

Let me know.

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