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Tere Dil mein... The untold love...

Tere Dil mein... The untold love...

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This is about Fairy. Yes, like her name she was fair not by the looks but by heart. She was the naughtiest girl I have ever known. Unfortunately, she is not with me. She was very rich not in giving money but unconditional love. She was a true soul.

This story begins just like other stories. Two unknown people who are destined to meet collide and there it begins. Same was with her. She met a boy in college and as usual, it began with friendship. 

The friendship where there was love, care and sacrifice.

She told me she met Jay, that was his name. He was a passionate football player. They met in the college bus. She was the one who was always away from the love. She never believed in love. For her arrange marriage was set in mind. She always had a dream of how her would be should be. Jay was smart, intelligent but not her type. Don't know how she fell for him.

One day they started talking about a project in college and worked together to complete it and became friends. They used to go together for breaks, talk to each other. There was more of care. If one was late from class for home, other used to wait. They started going home together as they stayed nearby. They used to listen to songs together in the college bus. This was now an ongoing fashion. 

Everything was fine. Until, Sameera, a new admission meets Jay. Jay thought she being a junior should help her. He started spending time with Sameera. Sameera was beautiful. Seeing this somewhere Fairy was jealous. Jealous of her friend taken away by someone else. Jay started giving more priority to Sameera than her. The fairy was getting possessive day by day. Maybe this possessiveness made her realize that she was in love with Jay. But, she never told him. He on the other side started loving Sameera. Fairy kept asking Jay if he really loves Sameera. He kept declining or lying for what so ever reason. He declined that he loves Sameera. But was not clear about it. Hence, there was a fight between Jay and Fairy all the time about Sameera. She kept asking him to tell what he feels so that she can decide. But, he never answered. 

Finally, Fairy met with another guy named Sam, she was not in love with Sam, but just to see if Jay loves her she made a plan with Sam. She told Sam to act if he was in love with her to make Jay jealous. One day she told Jay that she is marrying Sam. Jay was not supportive of this idea. He opposed it. But Fairy continued her drama. 

After a few days, Jay came to know that she was lying about her and Sam. Jay was very pissed at this. He decided he will not talk to her anymore. He started avoiding Fairy and finally, he broke their friendship too.

Fairy many times said sorry to Jay for her behaviour and asked him to become friends again. But, Jay never accepted it. 

Fairy decided to leave him for his happiness and she left out of India. Three years later it was found that Fairy died of cancer. She had written a letter to Jay.

This is what the letter said - "Jay, destiny made me fall in love with you. I always loved you. Everyday I missed the part of you being around me. I missed the times you waited for me, I mised the time I used to have a sip of tea from your cup. I missed the times we listening to the songs in the Bus. I missed you each and every moment. I still don't know whats in your heart.The day you feel you loved me or the day you miss me, play this song and ill be right in front of you- Tere Dil Mein..

She wrote yours lovingly, Fairy.

This is where her story ends. The letter has not yet reached Jay. Sameera never shared her address with me.She just told me the story. I have that letter with me and I am in search of Jay, so that I can give him the letter. I don't know if I would find him, I would need your help to share this so that this letter reaches to Jay. 

Jay, I must say, she truly loved you. If you really loved her too, please do come forward to get her last memory and give her soul a rest.

Looking forward for you.

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