Pinkal Rajane

Abstract Drama


Pinkal Rajane

Abstract Drama

Mother's Womb!!!

Mother's Womb!!!

2 mins

If I have to find the safest place on the earth, it's nowhere else but in her womb.

No one can ever protect me as she did, no one can ever hear me as she did, no one can ever feel me like she did. No one can ever be like her.

She can understand your slightest worry and bear your heaviest pain.

Win the whole world for you and lose the world when you are gone.

Stays hungry to fill your stomach and cries to bring smiles on your faces. Walks in the sun to give you shade kills her passion for your dreams.

Becomes a doctor when you are sick, a teacher when you are a kid, a fighter when you are in pain.

She is all in one. She is one in all.

You don't need anyone for she is there.

Her love can't be compared, her place can't be replaced.

Such is her life, she is the only one to give another life.

Love her to the moon and the dark, coz she doesn't want your money at the end. She wants love and care.

To all those lucky ones who still have mother's, you still have Chance.

To all those unlucky ones, pray for her soul to rest in peace.

Not only today please send her beautiful cards, say thousands of thanks each day a, praise her every minute you get and love her each second.

Happy mother's day!!!!!

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