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I Am Not A Criminal

I Am Not A Criminal

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I am being punished for a crime that I have never committed. I am not a criminal but still punished. 

I know one would say that- Every criminal says, "I am not criminal", But, that's not true always. But, I can prove it to you. 

So, read below to understand me and be the jury to decide if I am a criminal.

I am born, yes, the first thing that everyone does first in this world.

No one is born young or old, I am a baby, a tiny little one. 

I am being cared for, pampered, loved, nourished, and raised.

So, so far, I am a byproduct of all the people around me and the place I am. 

Now, as time passes, I grew up, a young one of the toddlers I was. 

All set to start a new life, a new journey, a new life, a life of marriage.

For some marriage is heaven and for some marriage is hell. 

For me, I thought it was a bunch of desires and the feeling of expectations. 

I don't know what was my fault and my life changed after marriage. 

And I was punished... 

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