Sadhana B

Horror Action Thriller


Sadhana B

Horror Action Thriller

The Untold Mystery

The Untold Mystery

6 mins

Once upon a time, few friends namely Reena, Samer, Anitha, Rahul, Rodan, Riya, Malay, were traveling to find a treasure. Rodan has a map of treasure, Riya has super climbing skills, Sameer knows many languages including tribal language. Anitha has animal hunting skills, Reena can swim well. Rahul is an expert in trekking, and they moved to a dark forest..

They started going deep into the forest , suddenly as the stepped in the entire forest was very dark, so they turned on the torches and started moving on.

As they entered so deeper, the lighting was so bright, so they moved on and reached near a Mountain.

Which is located on the map, as Riya Rahul is experts by their guidance every one climbed the mountain and suddenly the mountain started to shake and lava started coming out.

They cannot get down of the mountain, they we very scared, eagles were roaring badly, suddenly bats started to poke them. After a long struggle, they reached down the mountain, but Rahul died as he fell down the hill.

And totally his body was eaten by eagles, they couldn't do anything, they cried a lot and moved ahead. They took rest down the trees, but animals were roaring loudly, as it was the night they lighted up the fire, and deeply depressed about Rahul the couldn't sleep.

That night was very long, painful, and fearful for them, and exactly at 2oclock they saw a gaint feature approaching them.they were fully in shock to see that creature, the creature started moving front and they started running ..

Finally, they reached into an old palace where snakes were crawling, spiders and dust was everywhere...they started to move into the palace , as they stepped in the doors are closed....they heard a mysterious voice "go away "go away".

They neglected that, and moved inside.

Suddenly all the windows, doors started to burn with fire .main entrance was totally closed and invisible.

They are worried. Suddenly a tiger appeared but Riya managed hard to kill that tiger, her attempt was successful .

All left in deep misery, more but suddenly a sound again "go away"go away".Rodan searched that palace on the map and found that it was in map marked danger.

They started to find a way to get out from there, but all doors turned into walls.... 

To escape from the fire they entered into it

It was a old Hut ,but there is no one to help.

Sameer collected a few from there including a trophy. a locket, a statue.

They moved ahead and reached into an exit which took them into the forest again.

Where they were attacked by tribals but Sameer saved them as he knows their language .and he returned that statue to tribal leader gocju.and he allowed them into the hunt for treasure and he gives him something in a bottle which was covered with a very old cloth.

The tribal leader gocju mention that this bottle would help them to reach their goal. Anita has taken that bottle and they to move in the heart of the treasure.

The started to move in the forest and found some fruits to eat and now they reached near to a big sea which was flowing continuously with high flow and they used their swimming skills of Reena. And is started to move in the stream.but they were badly attacked by sharks and crocodiles.

After a huge struggle for life, they came out with heavy injuries and just took a nap on the sea coast .

And started to move towards the treasure and they reached into a place where it was completely filled with trees could not move forward the tried hard and hard but none of their efforts become successful.

Then Sameer gotcontinued part 2

Sameer got idea of bottle gifted to them by the tribal leader and poured that on land. and then all the trees started to move aside by giving away for these people to move forward .

And they understand it .to move ahead and finally, the completed the route on that map but they could not find any treasure at the place. they again looked keenly into the map.but as soon as they started to find something. the map was burnt into ashes.

They stuck in such a position where they can't move back nor front.

Until they find out any way. sunset started and total darkness surrounded everywhere.

They saw some terrific creatures they were shocked, they started to run from that place but everywhere they go they were surrounded by those ghost , tried to escape but all their efforts went vain.

Then Samer took that locket and showed towards that ghosts and they disappeared.relaxed they took a breath.suddendly a strange thing seems happening. they saw the sunrise and a cave. they entered into that cave .there it was so suspicious, full of illusions, pink streams, purple pillars, red floor, white roofing, and a small wooden construction

As they started to move front, everything started shaking, and pillars started to break into pieces, and new creatures appeared and there took a great war between them, and Malay and Sameer was only shocked ..and Malay got a plan, he took that trophy from Samer and placed on that wooden construction.and all the things turned to settle .and they found the treasure hidden under that construction...but they can't let it out.they tried hard. But things started to work badly.

Again a light ray passed above that trophies and treasure came out.along with that. 

Suspicious Malay and Sameer said .we should be cautious while opening it. they came out of that mysterious place. and they opened that treasure and divided in parts suddenly they started quarrelling with themselves to get more.and in that journey life reached themany valuable they end up that war and.and decided to use that treasure in people's welfare. As they learn nothing is valuable than life and friendship ,,They collectively set up an NGO to help the needy .and they lived happily ever after.

The end is good, all is good.

Values are important than wealth.

Wealth can be earned again not Relations. So be happy with what you have.

some incidents story are having important like the death of Rahul no one will stay throughout life. included tribals because they are part of forest. mysterious things to just give a flow. that locket symbolises the god as we have faith in lord.etc.........

© Sadhana.

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