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Varun Shah

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Varun Shah

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The Roommate

The Roommate

3 mins 221 3 mins 221

It was just a couple of days, when I had started living, in an accommodation provided by the college as a part of my package. I had started working, as a professor in a University. The place, where I was teaching, was a deemed University with 3 star accommodation facilities.

That day while I was in kitchen, preparing some meal for me, I heard sound of my front door getting opened and closed. 

Someone entered the room and shouted 'Hey, roomie, I'm home!'. At first, I thought I heard something wrong and ignored. But then same dialogue was repeated again.

I was surprised, as I didn't have any roommate, then who was this guy calling out. I quickly went out and saw a guy 2-3 years older than me, carrying couple of suitcases.

"Excuse me! I think you have entered hereby mistake. How did you come in?" I asked.

He was like "I have entered in wrong room? I guess you are wrong mister. This is my room and I stay here with Professor Sharma. Where is Sharma?"

"Sharma? Who Sharma? I don't know any Sharma. Only thing I know is this is my room" I replied.

"See buddy, there seems to have some confusion. Let's go to estate office and clear this matter."

I readily agreed and we went estate office. The estate manager, was surprised to see the other guy and asked about his well being and how come he arrived that day. I smelt something fishy and interrupted them. 

I made him aware of the issue. He laughed, as if that had not made any difference to him. I was amused and getting irritated at same time. 

Out of nervousness I screamed "See, if you are planning to make him my roommate, then let me make it clear, I don't want any roommate. I need personal space, which I already had mentioned while joining. And I am paying special charges too."

The estate manager smiled and said "Sir, calm down. Actually there's a small problem. He is professor Sam and stayed along with Prof. Sharma in the same quarter, which you are allocated.

Based on your requirement, the quarter suited best. Professor Sam had been to his home town, and we asked Professor Sharma if they can shift to another quarter. He readily agreed and also told that Prof. Sam would not have any issue, as he is very flexible.

So, Prof. Sharma shifted to new quarter and presently he is out of station. Prof. Sam was not aware of this, and was having keys too. So he entered your room."

Now, it was embarrassing moment for me. I felt more nervous and apologized. 

The estate manager further said, "If you don't mind, there is one request. Since, Prof. Sharma is not here and both keys are with him, can you allow Prof. Sam to stay with you for couple of days?"

I was in a fix now. Seeing no other choice, I hesitatingly agreed. But, was not aware that, it will be a turning point in my life.

For next couple of days, Prof. Sam made such a strong bond with me, that my introvert nature was totally wiped off. That day, I withdrew my special request and asked for a ROOMMATE.

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