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Varun Shah

Abstract Romance Others


Varun Shah

Abstract Romance Others

Love Unlocked

Love Unlocked

3 mins 381 3 mins 381

"Doctor Vyom! It's an emergency please report urgently to ward 8", the receptionist announced on announcement system of city hospital. 

It was pandemic time and the city was getting gripped by the deadly Corona Virus. Dr. Vyom, a young, energetic Doctor was staying in London, but was in India when suddenly Lockdown was announced.

He stayed back in India and as a responsible medical professional, decided to serve in the local hospital. He was working tirelessly from 3 weeks, treating Corona Patients. 

On hearing the announcement, he rushed to ward 8 and was informed about a guy of his age in a critical condition. When he saw his face, he went in the flashback of his school days.

Vyom and Vanshika were besties in high school. They were so close to each other that almost everyone believed them to be 'Made for each other'. Both of them too had Feelings for each other but never expressed.

It was the night before the school farewell. Vyom was excited and decided to express his feelings to Vanshika. He called her several times but she didn't responded.

The next day, at the farewell Venue, he eagerly waited for her. Soon came Vanshika but it was a shocker for him, as she was holding hand in hand with another guy from general stream of their school, who was famous for his rowdy nature. Vanshika informed Vyom that she was dating with him.

Vyom, was not able to believe it. His heart was broken and he left the venue. He decided to cut off all relations with Vanshika.

Soon, he completed his schooling and left abroad.

Seeing him lost in thought, The nurse, called him couple of times. He came back in present and quickly had PPE Kit and started treating the patient. Since he was in kit the patient didn't recognized him. For next, 14 days he treated the patient as dedication to his duty with full precautions wearing PPE Kit.

On day of discharge, the patient who was so touched by the treatment, expressed desire to meet his saviour. But the hospital staff informed that he was here on temporary basis due to emergency situation and has left for his actual place of work. 

The guy, still insisted to meet him and asked for his details. He was dumbstruck when learnt his name. He then quickly gathered Vyom's information and reached his home to find Vyom was locking his house with luggage in hand. 

Seeing him, Vyom quickly locked the door and tried to leave avoiding eye contact with him. As he tried to move faster, he felt that someone has hold his hand. He turned around and to his surprise, found Vanshika there with tears in her eyes.

Vanshika, told Vyom that she always loved him, but she felt it was impacting his studies and it's not right time to have a relationship. So she created a false story of dating, but had not thought that Vyom will leave them permanently.

After school exams were over She searched for him everywhere but he had left, leaving no contact behind.

The guy treated by Vyom was the same rowdy guy, with whom, she created dating drama. It was him, who bring Vanshika there.

Vyom tried to look hard but then broke down in tears and asked Vanshika if she can be his life partner? Vanshika nodded positively and thus the deadly Corona indirectly gave life to two lovely hearts.

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