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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sakshi Bhatnagar

Romance Crime Thriller


Sakshi Bhatnagar

Romance Crime Thriller

The Inevitable - 2

The Inevitable - 2

6 mins 228 6 mins 228

  Isha opened her eyes slowly. Everything around her appeared blurred to her. Her head was hurting and she felt nauseated. She closed her eyes and grabbed her head. It was still raining heavily outside. Some terrifying pictures flashed in front of her. She saw her parents leaving for party, then opening the door for a stranger and leading him to the kitchen. Her heart raced as she remembered being drugged by him and made unconscious. She woke up with a start as twelve rings of the clock fell on her ears. 

  It was 12 midnight. The torrential rain outside had now evolved into a thunderstorm. Isha recollected that it was around 8o'clock when she let that stranger in. 

"I had been unconscious for the last 4 hours!" Isha said as she sat on the bed. 

   She gasped as she saw the man sitting by the window on the western corner of her bedroom. He had removed the raincoat now. He was wearing a black Tshirt and blue jeans. His face was almost covered by a long cap and glasses. He appeared a decade older than Isha. Fury bubbled up inside her and she stomped towards him.

"Who the hell are you?" Isha yelled, "what do you want? Get the hell out of my house right now!"

"I mean no harm to you," he said quietly, "I just want shelter for the time being. I'll leave as soon as the thunderstorm is over."

"No!" Isha screamed, "you are leaving right now or I'll call the cops." 

Isha turned on her feet and rushed to the hall where the telephone was kept. He abruptly rose from the chair and pulled on Isha's arm. He pressed her closed to his chest with his right arm around her waist. His left hand pulled out a damp cloth from his pocket. Isha understood that he was going to sedate her again. Before he could press the cloth on her face, she dug her teeth on his hand and ran away. He groaned out of pain. 

  Isha had took only few steps when he grabbed her from behind and fired a tight slap across her pretty face. Isha felt dizzy owing to the impact of the slap. She staggered and was about to fall down. But he quickly stepped forward and held her by her waist. Isha struggled to keep herself awake but couldn't get over the haziness that had enveloped her senses. As her eyes drooped down she quitely lay helpless in his arms. He put her down on the bed and walked away.

   Minutes later, as she recovered from the impact of the blow, she became even furious at him and even more determined to throw that unsolicited guest out of her home. 

"I hope you are fine," he said as he walked into the room holding a bottle of whisky in his hand. 

  Isha's eyes quickly scanned the entire room and halted on the bronze statue placed on table near her bed. As he got no reply, he held the bottle to his mouth and walked towards the window. He stood there drinking the whisky with his back turned to Isha. She quietly took the statue from the table and tip toed towards him. As she was about to hit him, he turned at once. In a split second he grabbed her hands and pressed them behind her back. His strong grip hurt her and the statue fell out of her hands.

"Leave me, you bastard!" Isha winced out of pain. 

  But instead of leaving her, he held her even tightly to his muscular chest. Her cheeks turned crimson out of shame as she felt the friction of his chest rubbing adamantly against her breasts. She gave up the struggle and stayed still, breathing heavily. Instead of letting her go, he pulled her even more closer. Isha closed her eyes and moaned silently as the rock-solid muscles of his chest crushed her delicate breasts. 

"Have some," he said as he turned the bottle of whisky to her.

Isha's face turned pale as she recognized the bottle of whiskey. She had overheard her elder brother telling his friends that had laced the whiskey with some aphrodiasic drugs so that he and his girlfriend can enjoy when his parents and sister are away. 

"No, no, it is..." 

Isha opened her mouth to explain about the contents of the bottle but before she could do so he thrust the bottle into her mouth and drained it's content down her throat. He then pulled the bottle back and let go of her. She fell on her knees on the floor and began coughing. He drank the rest of the whisky and placed the bottle on the table. He lifted Isha up from the floor and made her stand. He held her in his arms and drew her lips in a long, hungry kiss. 

  Isha almost choked as he let her go. She pushed him away and turned around. He grabbed her waist from behind and tightened his arms around her. He rubbed his lips against the fair skin on the nape of her neck and bit her ears. Isha felt it strange that his touch didn't jitter her this time. She stood still in his arms and let him do whatever he was doing to her. The drug laced whisky had started taking it's toll on the young couple. 

"You are a beautiful girl," he whispered into her ears as his hands unzipped het Tshirt and fondled her breasts. 

"No, leave me," Isha moaned in a semi stupefied state. 

He turned her to him and pulled the T shirt down her shoulders. Isha abruptly covered her almost naked chest with her hands. He unhooked her brassier and carresed her back. Inebriation of drinks and drugs trampled her will to resist and Isha rested her head on his chest. He took her braissier off and Isha pressed herself to him in an attempt to cover her nudity. He cuddled her reassuringly and picked her up in his arms and took her to bed.

  He laid her on bed and pinned her hands on either sides paving way to an unhindered view of her bossom throbbing with youth. He groped her breasts and sucked her nipples. Isha moaned and closed her eyes. He licked her belly button as his hands carressed every inch of Isha's body. He pulled her skirt and panties down her longer shapely legs and pulled them apart. He licked her sensous folds before finally getting into her. 

 He then cuddled her to him and kissed her luscious body like a famished beast. The young girl was absolutely drained by now. She drifted to oblivion out of exhaustion while surrendering herself to him. He knew she was not going to come to senses for a long time. He flashed a wicked smile at the thought of having her titillating young body to feast upon for the whole night.


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