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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Coach

The Coach

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Avni was very much exceited about her summer vaccations. She wanted to learn tennis during those two months. She had always been playing tennis and loved the game very much. Her Dad had arranged for a special coach for her. It was his old friend Ajay Mathur. He was a widower and had settled in London after his wife's death. Apart from being a successful businessman he was a good tennis player. He had come to India after a long gap of ten years to visit his home town Nitholia - a small countryside village away from the pollution and traffic of the city. Her Dad has invited him to their house so that he could take Anvi with him to his homwtown and teach her tennis.

"Wow! She is a grown up girl now," Mr Mathur said as he saw Anvi.

"No, she's just a 13 year old kid," Anvi's father said.

They both laughed and Anvi joined them. As Anvi's parents were leaving for a one month tour to Paris, she was sent with Mr Mathur to his hometown the very evening. She liked his village and the bungalow very much. Mr Mathur made her feel at home completely. As he was his coach he instructed her to address as 'Sir'.

The next morning she got up early and began exercising in his inbuilt gym. As she was skipping a rope, suddenly the rope got entangled in her legs and she was about to fall down on the iron rods placed below. Mr Mathur pushed her away and saved her life.Young Anvi was so much shocked by the incident that she fainted. Mr Mathur sat down on the floor and pulled her into his lap. He patted on her cheeks to bring her to senses. But petrified Anvi still remained unconsciouss even after several attempts to revive her. He checked her for injuries but found none. He assured that she had fainted only out of fear. He patted again and Anvi moaned for once. She tried to move but fainted again and her face slid back into his hands. The touch of her soft cheeks evoked a teasing sensation in him. His eyes slided down through the svelte frame of Anvi lying insensible in his lap. Her skirt had been raised high above her thighs and his lusty eyes remained glued on to them. His hands carresed her beautiful face and slipped down on her slender neck. He drew her closer to him but at the very moment, Anvi came to senses and opened her eyes and he had to withdraw.

That night after having dinner, Anvi retired to her room to read her favorite book. She sat upon the bed with the book on her lap. A few minutes later, she started yawning and her eyes started to droop. Anvi found it strange as she was in habbit of sleeping late. Anvi struggled with sleep and kept reading as she found the story very interesting. A few more minutes passed and the letters seemed to fade. She struggled to keep her eyes open but her lids seemed to be very heavy to be kept open. Finally, she lost her battle and fell down on the bed in an almost unconscious sleep without even switching off the lights.

Late that night Anvi was woken up by the feeling of a tight grasp of two enormous hands on her breasts. It was absolute darkness in the room. Apart from the darkness her vision too seemed to be haze. She couldn't either see or make out anything clearly apart from that vigorous groping sensation. She felt as if she has lost orientation of time and space. She tried to push off those hands. But her hands were forcefully tied with a rope to the bed. One of those hands slid inside her bra and started groping again while the other started caressing her face and lips. She kept moaning for mercy but those heinous hands were driving her to the end of her wits. Soon the pain and fear subdued her and the unconscious young girl surrendered herself to those lusty hands.

The next morning, Anvi woke up late. She thought about the incidents of last night. But as her hands were not tied and there was nobody in the room, she took it for a nightmare and went to take a bath. While bathing, she noted nail marks on her breasts and it dawned upon her that something really had happened to her.

"Has he drugged me to sleep?" Anvi thought, "Shall I tell my Dad? Will he believe that his best friend has been doing such things to his daughter? It will break his heart." Anvi cried bitterly.

That night Anvi refused to have dinner as she was sure that he must have laced the edibles with drugs to make her unconscious so that he can enjoy her without her knowledge. As she had guessed he forced her to eat initially with perusal and then with threats. He had been smitten by her owing to a warm up session last night and he badly needed every single inch of her unveiled and unhindered for himself. She refused to eat and tried to walk away. He forcibly pulled her to him and made her sit on his lap. She fought with him but he tightly held her slender arms with his one hand and forcibly thrust a bottle of alcohol into her mouth. Anvi cried and resisted but nobody came to her help. He forcefully poured it down her throat and waited for it to intoxicate her and make her unconscious. Anvi became dizzy and slid quietly into arms with her head resting on his chest. He kissed and was about to carry her to his room when Anvi's father dropped in with police and had him arrested.

Anvi was not that kind of girl who silently bore assaults on her modesty out of fear of people or society. She had called and informed her father about everything and got the criminal punished for his sins. Such crimes could only be abolished if every girl fights to defend herself and finds courage to raise her voice against the criminals rather than suffering silently. Then only such criminals could be brought to book.

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