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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Will To Survive

The Will To Survive

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"No I don't want to live!" Prachi screamed and cried as Ahuja Madam who was a social worker comforted her.

"We all have faced various tragedies in our life," Ahuja Madam tried to calm her down, "but still we have to forget them and prepare ourselves to face life boldly. Life is very precious Prachi."

"How can I live after being gang raped?" Prachi sobbed.

"If some men kidnap you and force themselves upon you then what is your fault. Why are you punishing yourself?"

"You don't know how much I had suffered at the hands of those men. Can you even imagine how horrible all that was."

"Fine, I'll tell you a real life story of a girl Niya. Then you can decide whether to live or not."

Niya was practicing guitar in the R M music classes.

'You are much more talent than your age,' Niya's teacher Ramlal had once said. 'Even at the young age of 16 years you play guitar with such perfection that I'm surprised.'

Niya smiled as she remembered those words. She was so lost in music that she even lost count of time.

"Oh God!" Niya exclaimed as she looked at the clock, "it's already 8 p.m."

Niya hurriedly ran out and waited for a bus. It started raining soon after. After waiting for a long time she realized that she was not going to get any bus or cab. She decided to walk as her home was nearby. The road to her home was desolate and was bathed in darkness. As she started walking a SUV passed by her. She hurried her steps as she felt a bit jittery. After walking a few more steps, somebody called her from her behind.

"Excuse me," a man said, "can I get a cab from somewhere around?"

Niya turned around to reply to the man. But before she could open her mouth a SUV halted right behind her. A man jumped out of it and gaged Niya's mouth with his hand. The very next second another man jumped down and lifted her feet from the ground. Both the men carried her into the SUV and laid her down on the floor of the vehicle. The man who was gagging her held her hands behind her head and pinned them down with one hand and gaged her mouth with other. Niya struggled to break free as both the men held her limbs tightly pinned them to the floor.

"Hurry up Gaurav," one of them said to the man who had called out to Niya while she was walking on the road.

"Yes Abhay." Gaurav hurriedly pulled out a bottle from his pocket and poured out some liquid on a cloth.

He jumped into the SUV and closed the door behind him. Abhay removed his hand from Niya's mouth. But before Niya could scream, Gaurav placed the cloth made damp with drugs on her face. Niya screamed and swayed her head to escape from the strong smelling drug that almost choked her. But soon the liquid began to act upon her senses and her struggles weakened. Her limbs turned numb and eyes began to droop. Her screams turned into feeble moans as drug sunk her deeper and deeper into oblivion with each passing minute.

The men lossened their grip on her limbs as they saw her slipping into unconsciousness.

"She is so hot," The men who was holding her hands said as he let go of her torpid hands and started groping her breasts vigorously.

"How old do you think she is?" The man holding her legs asked.

"She is a sweet little teenager, I guess." The first one said as he slipped his hands under buttocks.

"Do you think she is a virgin?"

"Let's find out." One of them said.

They all burst out laughing while helpless Niya passed out as the drug took completely over her senses.

"She has fainted," one of them said, "let's take her to the farmhouse."

* * * *

Niya opened her eyes slowly but they drooped down every time. She was felt dizzy and felt as if everything was whirling around her. She tried to look around but her vision was hazy. She couldn't figure out where she was. After a few minutes, her vision began to clear. She saw her clothes stuffed into chair in the room. One of the man was holding her bra to his chest while the other one twisted her panties on his fingers. The third one came forward with a handicam in his hand and turned it to her. Niya let out a horrible scream as she looked at herself. Those men had stripped her while she was under sedation. She shuddered as she found herself lying on the bed without even a single piece of cloth on. Her nudity had remained exposed to the men for only God knows how long. She rolled over and pulled the bedsheet upon her and drew her limbs to her chest.

The men laughed at her helplessness. One of them pulled the sheet off her. She made an attempt to hide her nude body from those filthy eyes by remaining curled up. Two of them pounced over her and streched her again on the bed by pulling her hands and feet apart. The man holding her feet sucked on her big toes. He attacked the flesh of her long sensuous legs with hungry kisses and drenched them in his lustful saliva. Niya shook her legs to ward him off but he held her even tightly.

The one who was holding the handicam placed it on the table and focused it on the bare body of the hapless girl. He carressed her breasts for a while and then sucked her nipples in. Niya rose her chest from the bed to pull herself away from his hungry mouth.

"She is spoiling the show." The one holding her hands complained.

"Then put the baby to sleep." The man assaulting her thighs said.

"I have a better idea," the third man took his mouth off her nipples and said, "don't make her completely unconsciouss. Drug her just enough so that she won't be able to fight back."

"Good idea," They all said in unison.

The man holding her legs parted them widely and pushed his head between her thighs. He rubbed his tongue on her sensitive folds and Niya felt as if she was being subjected to high intensity shock waves. She opened her mouth to scream but a damp cloth was placed instantly on her mouth. She swayed her head sideways and kept screaming with her eyes wide open as he kept greedily licking and kissing her private folds. Her legs stiffened as the horrible sensation caused by his lips on her sensual folds drove her to the end of her wits. But soon the drugs did their job and made the girl semiconscious. Her eyes drooped down and her screams turned into moans as Niya started loosing her senses. The man smiled as Niya's legs relaxed due to the action of drugs and let him feast upon her unhindered.

"She's subdued enough," the man said as he took the cloth off her face, "the gorgeous damsel has surrendered herself to us."

"!" Niya moaned as the man licked her in between the thighs again, "don't do this to me. It is killing me."

"No baby, its pleasure and not pain." One of them said as he twisted his tongue in her belly button.

"Yes," the third one said, "and you won't die of it. All you will end up after all this is being pregnant." He said and sucked her breasts.

"No please, let me go home." Niya said as her eyelids felt heavy.

"Well she had had all the pleasure." The man rubbed her folds with his hands, "its time for the pain."

He entered and took rapid strokes. Niya screamed of pain while the men laughed. Finally he moaned out of pleasure as he showered his dark passions into the young girl. Niya passed out as she the trauma of the barbaric tortures tore her weary body.

The dawn had broken by the time they all had taken their turn to rape the young girl several times. Niya was drugged to sleep whenever she woke up and found one of the men assaulting her body. By the time they were done with her body, Niya was so traumatized that she was almost inanimate except for her shallow breathing. They wrapped her outraged body in a blanket and lay her down in the SUV. They dropped the passed out girl on the place from where they had kidnapped her last night and ran. A social worker who was out for a morning walk saw her and took her to hospital.

"Do you know who Niya is?" Madam Ahuja asked Prachi, "that was me. Rape is really an extremely terrible trauma for a young girl to bear. But if I have survived after going through all this. You should also."

"Yes Ma'am," Prachi said wiping her tears, "I will...for sure."

Ahuja Ma'am smiled and patted her shoulder.

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