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Punya Jain

Abstract Tragedy Others


Punya Jain

Abstract Tragedy Others

The Hidden Storm

The Hidden Storm

2 mins 269 2 mins 269

A storm was brewing within, hidden from all. 

A girl who once wouldn't talk much had started talking. She started opening the gates and unleashing the chains to her heart.

She tried to fit in and make everyone happy. Oblivious about her problems, she  tried solving problems of others. 

She started talking randomly, sometimes before analysing and thinking. Just letting loose but soon reality struck. She ended up hurting close ones. Things began to change. 

She retreated and began questioning herself and her actions.

Why did she have to say something like that? 

Things would be different had she not.

But it was said and done!

She felt the barriers again, shackles began to wound around her heart.

She retreated and shut!  

She was unwilling to let loose this time a spoil everything for someone else.

She chose to be alone as speaking to herself was far easier then explaining herself to others.

An unknown storm was brewing within, slowly taking pace and conquering the heart and mind. A storm hidden from all. A flood of thoughts flowed by causing confusion and destruction as it passed.

All she longed for was peace within herself. 

She wanted to be free from the the flood. 

She was lost, confused and stranded. Unable to reason or grasp what was happening. 

Somehow she found a place within herself for shelter.

She wished to stay there for a while desolated.

There were those who wished to talk to her and be by her side but she refused to talk. She wanted to live in that emptiness for a little longer all by herself.

She was neither hurt nor upset but wanted sometime to herself.

Talking to others gave her warmth but she wanted to remain cold.

The flood slowly receded and left only emptiness everywhere. 

No thoughts no feelings 

Only emptiness!

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