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Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Action Drama Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Action Drama Thriller



17 mins 375 17 mins 375


Since, I wanted to do a story based on a love story, to avoid type-cast, I stopped the story of Kolar Gold Fields, Red Revolution Chapter 2 and finished this story at first... 



AT 6:35 PM- 

"Love is like an ocean. It's above everything else. As it binds all together. But, many of us failed to realize this. If we rely on greed, violence and gore, the impact would be severe. It could take years for us to solve such kinds of issues." 

The time is nearly around 6:35 PM. The place have almost turned to the darker side, as the dusk breaks. With the sky resembling the black shades, a boy, almost around 25 years of age sits in the last seat of KPN bus and rests himself to sleep. Seeing no one near to him, he lies down in the seat and starts to sleep.

7:00 PM- 

A while later, he had been seen by a girl around 24 years of age, who is pretty-gorgeous, with her tiny blue eyes, steel-rimmed spectacles and loose hairs. The girl sees him in the backseat and recognizes him as one of his classmates.

Going near to him, she confirms the same and calls him, "Hey Akhil." She touches his arms and cheeks to wake him up.

"Who is that da?" He slowly stretches his hands up and gets up steadily, opening his eyes, after a while of second.

He said, "What Darshini?"

"You are sleeping ah? Admire the beauty of this nature man."

Akhil agrees to that and doesn't sleep. He recalls his college days during the periods of 2018 and mid-2019, when travelling.



Akhil's family originally hailed from Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu, near to Meenakshipuram. His father Ramakrishnan is a government officer, who gets a lots of transfers and is finally transferred to Bangalore on 1988, settling in Mysore, where Gounders are called as Gowda.

The place doesn't show partiality of Tamil and Kannada, etc. Everyone are seen equal, just like in Tamilnadu, until an emergency situation broke out.

On 25 June 1998, the Kaveri Water Tribunal, constituted in 1990, directed the Karnataka state government to release 205 billion ft3 (5.8 km3) of water to Tamil Nadu within a year. Karnataka issued an ordinance to annul the tribunal's award but this was struck down by the Supreme Court of India. The tribunal's award was subsequently gazette by the Government of India on 11 December 1991.

The very next day, Kannada chauvinist organisations led by Vatal Nagaraj called for a bandh on 13 December alleging partisan behaviour of the Government of India. Their leaders declared:

"Cauvery is the mother of the Kannadigas, so we cannot give the water to anybody else."

The next day, Kannada chauvinists allegedly roamed the streets of Bangalore carrying sticks, shouting slogans, beating up Tamil laborers. Tamil businesses, movie theatres and even vehicles with Tamil Nadu license plates were targeted. Soon the riots spread to the Mysore district and other parts of southern Karnataka. Tamil-speaking villagers were driven out and their property confiscated. Over thousands of Tamils fled from the state. A curfew of one week was declared under section 144. The violence left more than 17 ethnic Tamils dead, that includes Akhil's mother Pushpa. Ramakrishnan was beaten up by the Kannada people, along with his 8-year old son Sai Adhithya.

She was shot by one of the protestors, without being showcased any mercy of being pregnant, at that time. Some locals takes her to safety. Ramakrishnan hears about the news of his wife being shot, through his phone and falls down dejected.

That time, Adhithya beats up the protestors and manages to take his father to the safer side. Going to the hospitals where Pushpa was admitted, the doctors informed to the two: "Extremely sorry sir. We were able to save your child only. Not, your wife." She is on her death bed.

"Adhithya." A dying Pushpa called him after which, he goes to her and asked crying: "Mother."

"This is my last wish da. Your brother should grew up, with your love and affection. You should fulfill my duties, along with your studies. Both of you give me a promise."

As they promises, she dies instantly. Following her cremation, Adhithya takes up the responsibility of raising up his brother, along with his studies on the other sides. Since, his father have to go for works.

When Akhil was 10-years old, he asked Adhithya: "Brother. How did my mother died? You and dad have never revealed about this to me."

As they didn't give any replies to him, Akhil remained silent over days and didn't asked any questions, due to the fear of getting scolded by his brother, whom he loves dearly.


As Akhil wakes up, he sees Darshini, sitting near to him and becomes surprised. With his pale facial expressions, he asked her: "Hey Darshini. When did you come here?"

"When you closed your eyes and recalled about college memories itself, I have came near to you Akhil. Why you look so upset?" asked Darshini.

With some drops of tears in his eyes, Akhil replied her: "I remembered about my mother. That's why, I became upset." As Akhil told this to her, she too turns upset and becomes silent.

Darshini asked him: "Akhil. I like to sleep in your lap for sometimes. May I?"

He accepts and she sleeps in his laps. As she is sleeping, he recalls about his college life.



Akhil scored good marks in 12th standards. Since, his brother told him clearly that: "He won't fall into the feet of any people for his admissions." I studied with fierce mood, with an aim to get settled financially in my life. His brother is now a good novelist, being celebrated by so many politicians and leaders, as his stories are all present in realistic and raw sense, explaining about his grief against the corrupt society.

One day, Adhithya met his father and said, "Dad. I have been met by BJP Leader Advani Deshmukh."

"What does he said da?" Akhil asked him.

"He wanted me to join in their party to develop their career to the next level, having impressed with my works of novel." Though his father accepts him to let go off, Akhil severely objects his decision and pleads him to stay telling, "Brother. Don't believe in politics. It's like entering into a dirty water pool. Reality is totally different from novel writing."

As Adhithya is firm in his decision to enter into politics, Akhil gets furious and breaks all of his ties with him, except to his father. He tells to Adhithya, "Brother. You won't understand my words now. But, you would soon realize the game of politics. I will take a leave. Bye."

With the help of his father, he takes up the hostel in Christ University and applies for B.Com(Professional Accounting). Inside the college, he meets Darshini. Initial days, Akhil was very shy type and didn't interact or talk with anyone much, due to some sort of fears.

Some days later, he meets some of his classmates: Manoj, Mouli and Swaroop.

"Hi da. I am Manoj."

"Myself I am Mouli."

"Myself I am Swaroop." This is just their self-introduction. As Akhil started to spend time as a friend with them, he grew close with Mouli, other than Manoj and Swaroop.

During the time, Darshini also joins with the group and one day, Akhil sees Manoj talking so tensed with some of his relatives in his phone and he telling them as "scountrel", which surprised Akhil.

Going near to him, he asked: "Hey Manoj. What happened da? Why are you so angry?"

Initially hesitant to reveal, Manoj later tells about his dark past, that is surrounding in his mind:

Manoj was born in a middle-class family to his father Vikram Nair and Tamil mother Sujatha. In his childhood life, Manoj suffered from ADHD and this is often ridiculed by many people.

His mother's relatives took advantage of this and ill-treated him to the core. Manoj wasn't able to enjoy his holidays too. He was continuously taunted by his mother, except his father. Their insulting behavior brought a demon outside him and he behaved rashly to his family, from then onwards.

As Manoj wasn't allowed to meet his school friends, who took care of him after his dad, he started to torture and bashed up his mother's relatives.

To change his mindset and bring him peace, his father have sent him to hostel so that, "Manoj could learn off the real world, which only respects talent and education."


Hearing this, Akhil asked him: "Hey. Who said you aren't talented da? Now you are multi-talented. You speak Malayalam, Telugu and English fluently. You are a No. 1 Swimming expert. Now, you are good at studies too da."

"That's alone not enough Akhil. Money is everything in this world. If we don't have money, people won't respect us. They would see us as a roadside pig. That's why I killed all my emotions, heart and innocent qualities, which I maintained since childhood days. I developed the bad qualities of my mother's crooked mindset and my father's honesty to prove myself to this world." Akhil additionally learned from him that, "His grandmother is in danger zone and she wishes to see Manoj last. But, he behaved harsh with them and refused to come and see her." Even he have refused to go for her death.

Akhil then asked him, "Are you crying for that da?"

"Why I am crying da? I am happier only" said Manoj. But, have tears flowing down from his eyes.

"Every human beings have emotions in their heart da. You can't hide it. In your mind, you are feeling guilty. I know the pain of being a motherless child da buddy. You got a mother."

Additionally he explains: "See buddy. We can't even get back the things, which we have lost. We have to think twice or thrice before acting for any particular case."

Manoj realizes his mistakes of troubling and showing his anger to grandma, instead of reacting against his relatives and mother, who have troubled him a lot. While, his grandma only preferred to show love for him.

Accompanied by Akhil and Darshini, he goes to see his grandma's funeral, only to be admonished by his relatives and mother. His father doesn't speak a word against them, as he feels that his son have done a cruel act. Furious, Akhil supports Manoj by telling their follies, they done since his childhood days, which destroyed his good characters and in turn, he started to hate them.

Realizing this, they agrees to let Manpj see his grandmother and further apologizes to him for their cruel acts. Manoj's mother eventually reforms to good ways, giving up her money-minded attitude. She starts to be a caring and responsible mother, making Manoj's father feel happier.


Few days later, Akhil grows up stronger and skilled student in the college, with his writing abilities and talents. This often creates a rift between Sanjay and him, who ridicules him as "Puluthi Kuzhandai", "Sanghi", etc.

Despite this, Akhil remains silent. As his target is to settle. One day, he puts a whatsapp status telling that: "He never gave up his attitude, since childhood days to date." Assuming that, he is threatening him, Sanjay meets him along with his friends and tells, "Will I fear if you put a status like such?"

Akhil replied him stating: "That's my wish put a status. What bothers you man?"

"How dare you raise your voice da?" asked one of Sanjay's friends and tries to hit him. But, is stopped.

"Don't show your hands. If you speak, I speak. If you raise, I too would raise up" said Akhil to which, Sanjay laughed and said, "Joking nicely ah! You are just a dummy, having few grous with you, that includes an innocent girl. But, see my group."

His friends laughed at this. Angered by this, Akhil hits Sanjay, with his hand, in which he have wore a ring.

Seeing to this, Manoj whistles and claps telling, "Super da buddy. Expected this only, for a long time."

"Will you beat us itself ah da?" One of Sanjay's friends asked him and tried to hit him up. But, Akhil mercilessly beats them all up and realizes his folly of becoming so violent.

He then apologizes to them and gets them treated in the hospital of the college, further paying them money. Additionally, he apologizes to his brother by doing Surya Namaskar, in front of the sun.

Surprised by this, Darshini asked him: "What happened to you Akhil? Why you are doing these things?"

"I have promised my brother that, I won't indulge in fights and would remain non-violent. But, today as they spoke bad about you, I got extremely angered. I am not even in my position, you know!" Darshini becomes happier, upon hearing these words from Akhil and thinks that, he loves her so deeply, from his heart.

She decides to propose her love to him, during his birthday. However, things go wrong that time. Sanjay comes along with his friends to meet him, with sticks in his hands, when Darshini was about to propose her love.

That time, Sanjay hugs Akhil and tells, "Patience is so important in our life da. You managed several situations through a smile. I realized my mistakes." The friends threws the stick asides and enjoys the birthday party of Akhil.

Akhil reciprocated Darshini's love, though he is taken aback initially. Their relationship grows stronger, day by day. One day, Akhil sees Darshini crying with a photo in her hands, when he goes to meet her in the rented house, where she resides.

Going near to her, he asked her: "Why are you crying Darshini? Who are these two?"

"My parents. They got divorced and further, my father left me. I grew up in orphanage, without been chided with love and affection, in-spite of having family, Akhil." She hugs him crying and asked, "Will you be there with me forever?"

Akhil takes the chain, which his brother wore the time when he was to leave for his college(after the fight) saying, "I would be there with you forever, when you are feared and feeling difficult to overcome some difficulties. You would understand my cause of joining political party."

"My brother wore this chain, when I was to go for college. Whenever you doesn't trust me, you remember this chain, which I am wearing in your neck." He wears the chain in her neck and places a saffron in her forehead telling: "You are my love interest. And you are my future wife Darshu."

They both hug and shares a lip kiss.


One year passes and now, Akhil is a final year student, along with his friends. They set as a role model for other students, along with Sanjay. Encouraging the students to participate in various activities and schemes, which could be useful for their future lifetimes.

Further, Darshini too supports them by indulging in the motivation promos, which they indulge in. One day, Manoj gets a invitation card from his college principal and he rushes to inform his friends Darshini, Sanjay and Mouli telling them: "Guys...guys...a good news for us."

"What good news da? You are rushing like an elephant. Tell soon" said Mouli.

"An important novelist is coming as a Chief Guest for our upcoming Third Year Annual Celebration programme."

"Who is he da?"

"The present BJP head Sai Adhithya, and now popular writer." Manoj said. Hearing this, Akhil, who have just then arrived, becomes shocked. He asked him, "When is he coming da?"

"After three days da." Akhil goes back with some sort of tears, filling his eyes and he sits dejected in the canteen. Realizing this already, Darshini, Manoj, Mouli and Sanjay goes to meet him and asked, "Why have you sat here da?"

"Just simply only. Why have he been called da? For....the program?"

"His novel The Black Year, based on 2008 Bangalore blasts and 2013 Ahmedabad Bombings received critical acclaim. Impressed our college have called him for giving awards to the performers." Akhil though, feeling happier on one side, remains anger on the other side, recalling the time, where he failed to hear his words.

After his friends leave, Akhil calls his father and asked him, "Dad. How are you?"

"I am fine son. How is your college going?"

"Going good dad. Is my brother fine?" Akhil asked in tears.

Hearing this, his father feels elated and replied him, "He is fine da. He expects you to speak with him, for long time."

"No dad. Until he leaves politics, I won't talk with him. Convey my congratulations to him for been acclaimed by many people, including my college." Akhil hangs the call, in tears.

Darshini, Sanjay, Mouli and Manoj are shocked, who is hearing from the back side.

She goes to him and asked, "Is Sai Adhithya your brother Akhil?"

"You didn't even reveal this to us da" said Manoj.

"See, how simple he have been, without revealing his brother's identity." Sanjay said.

"But, I didn't felt happier as he joined the political party. Moreover, I and he are now separated. I am not in talking terms with my brother."

He leaves the place in tears and after few days, his brother attends the programme and is impressed with the skills of Akhil and his friends. He appreciated them whole heartedly in the ceremony and encourages them to motivate the other people, by serving as an inspiration.

Afterwards of the celebration, Akhil emotionally reconciles with his brother and apologizes to him for failing to understand his ideologies and motives. Surprised by this, Mouli and Darshini asked him, "Akhil. How did you reconcile with your brother? You told that, you are anger with him right?"

"Love is like an ocean Darshu. We can't measure it by scale or pencil. Likewise only, I realized his greatness with the help of his close friend, Abinesh ji, before few days ago, when I went to meet him."

Darshini looks at him. While Akhil stated: "Abinesh ji told me that, 'My mother was a victim of 1998 Anti-Tamil Violence in Karnataka. After she died, my brother took over her responsibilities as a mother and cared for me. I realized how much possessive and selfish am I. Since, Love is like a great ocean."

"Does your brother know that, you have learned this?" asked Mouli.

"No buddy. I didn't unveil this to him. I decided not to tell my brother that, 'I learned the truth about how my mother died.' I planned to keep this in my mind." Akhil said in tears and consoles afterwards.

Akhil, Darshini, Mouli and Manoj decides to go for a trip to Hosur and books for a KPN bus travels. Before going there, Akhil calls his brother and informs about his trip to Hosur.

However, a few minutes later, Adhithya calls him and tells, "The Situation is not under control in Hosur and asks him to stay patient." But, he doesn't listen up and proceeds with the trip, assuming that, his brother is just guiding him to be careful.


Back in present, the KPN bus stops in the bridge of a stream near Bangalore. Seeing to this, Akhil gets down along with Darshini and enjoys the moment by seeing the sound flow of the river.

They share a huge hug, in the bridge, sharing some sorts of admiring moments. Afterwards, the bus reaches Zuzuwadi, which is the border of Hosur-Bangalore, ending Karnataka regime and starting Tamilnadu, from there.

Protestors from both the region are there, protesting over water-sharing Disputes of Cauvery river and in further, the riots turned to violence. The rioters from Karnataka sides burns the vehicles and hits Tamil people of Karnataka and the Hosur sides.

Fires and attacks present all over the place. The violence worsens, when people stabs a Tamil guy in the Hosur sides. Adhithya comes to the rescue along with his party leaders and saves the co-passengers. Because, the bus is too burnt during the riots.

Darshini goes to take some water outside. After taking, she is stopped by the rioters, who asked her: "Madam...first night ah?"

"Just shut up!" said Darshini to which, they said: "See da. English uh."

She slaps one of the men when they tries to touch her. As a result, she gets dragged by the men to get raped and molested, which is video-tapped by a men. Seeing this, Akhil takes a nearby iron rod and brutally hits those men down. One of the men tell: "Hey. Don't touch us da. You would be in trouble."

However, he ruthlessly hits him to death and burns them alive. At that time, when he is beating them up, Sanjay and Mouli goes inside the burning bus to rescue an infant boy child.

Akhil remembers about his mother's death during the Anti-Tamil Violence, that time and tries to go into the bus for saving his friends. But, is stopped by Adhithya, who stops him with a heavy heart telling: "No need Akhil. The bus is almost burnt. Please don't go da." He said in tears.

The child is returned to Adhithya by the duo. Akhil tried to go inside the bus for rescuing his friends. But, is stopped by Adhithya. Since, the bus is burned. The co-passengers and Adhithya cries as the bus explodes.


Adhithya lights a lamp in front of a photo of Akhil's friends Sanjay and Mouli respectively. He writes in their photo, "True Love stories never have endings. While True friendship, which is like a great ocean, stays forever."

Darshini and Akhil are now married, living together happily. The burnt marks on their bodies were still visible. The boy, who was saved by them comes to meet them in the orphanage, which they've named after the bus, in which they travelled during the riots, holding the quotes: "Love is like a great ocean." They all lives happily.


"Violence is always harmful. It sometimes takes our beloved one. What ineffable joy does one find through Love of me, the blissful Atman. Once that joy is realized, all earthly pleasures fade into nothingness. Let's win all through love and affection."

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