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Divya Bist



Divya Bist


The extinction of Handwriting & Writing With Hands!!

The extinction of Handwriting & Writing With Hands!!

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Mom, why do you make your long grocery list in a Diary, when you have amazing techno gadgets to do it for you said, Aadi my 9-year-old kiddo. 

I took a long sigh and gave him the attention he needed, dear that’s how I am used to. 

Mom, these Gadgets will make your everyday to-do list much easy. There he goes again - “Alexa” tell me the weather in New York now? “Alexa” - how much is 43multiply by 12? “Alexa” - please make my grocery list….See mom he jumped in joy, this is so cool. You don’t need to remember anything and no more making notes of everything. 

That last thought struck my heart somewhere. No more use or need of writing. I felt my hands shaking holding the pen. 

This new generation who is recently hazardously affected by pandemic and forceful online classes, they are not even realising what is losing. “ Ability to write, Ability to read from the books” after these Kindle infiltrated our lives. I felt deeply saddened. 

This ability will probably go extinct in this crazy world of electronic devices. 

I had no idea what came to my mind, I rushed to my cupboard and jumbled all stuff just to look for my diary and drawings which I used to make as a Kid. “Yes” I still have them, that’s the magic. My Son was surprised to see the bulky diary with handwritten notes by a pencil, and Pen and all Sketches of old times billboards and cartoon characters. 

He was amazed to see the pattern of colourful pencil I have used and I started writing when I was 15. 

Wow!!! Mom. You are carrying vintage stuff, he laughed. 

Yes dear and I don’t need some batteries or memory cards to keep my memories alive. 

You know there used to be a competition of best handwriting and speed handwriting at our times. 

And I remember filling the answer sheets in the exams and kept asking for more sheets was an eye-catching moment but that joy of writing and carrying different Pen and my first Pilot pen for neat and clean handwriting were used to our birthday gifts my family and friend.

What??? He laughed. 

I still clearly remember jotting notes in the lectures and sending letters to relatives when emails or phones were not there. 

He was a little impressed by the writing and ran to get a new beautiful Diary of 2021 and said- Mom I will also start writing about my daily thoughts in it. 

I got touched and told him this will be his bestie apart from me. ;)

I thought to myself no matter how much technology comes, but I still prefer to write my thoughts and lists and still read the books not Kindle. I am an avid reader or you called “Lesesucht” and the still prefers Physical books, that touch of the pages and the addicted smell of turning pages gives me Nostalgia. 

I still prefer to write my blogs in my diary and then rewrite them here. I know it's kind of insane when I have a notepad in my new generation Phone but I feel writing has the greatest impact on your memories and storytelling. 

Consciously or unconsciously. whenever I need to write something, I look for my Pen not for my Phone. 

Do you guys also think this new era who is affected and burdened by computer and online assignments losing the charm of writing? 

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