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Mahendrawada Kamesh

Action Inspirational Others


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Action Inspirational Others

The Day The State Split Asunder - 26

The Day The State Split Asunder - 26

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"Your story is not lesser than a rollercoaster ride. I am sure Aarti will one day repent for her actions. But what did you do next after coming out of the hotel?" asked Karthik, "Tell me what happened afterward?"

Adarsh glanced at the clock on his desk. "Buddy! It's already 01:45. I should sleep for at least two hours. I need to wake up by four."

"This is not fair. You stopped the story in the middle. Why this sudden interval? I want to know what happened next. Else, I won't be able to sleep tonight."

"Let us do one thing. Tomorrow shall we go to the Hanuman Temple which is present just three streets away? I will tell the remaining story at the temple," Adarsh said, stretching his arms.

"Okay, Arnold! But you said you were lean at that time. But looking at you today with such muscular lumps  it is very hard to believe. Anyways, I don't want to disturb your sleep, and thank you so much for whatever you have done today?"

"What!" Adarsh punched lightly into his stomach. "How dare you say thanks!"

"I am sorry!" Karthik said. "Good night and don't forget to tell your remaining story tomorrow. You have put me in suspense."

"Don't worry man! I will tell you tomorrow. And why don't you sleep here tonight? Venkatesh and Satish would be sleeping. You rest on my bed."

"No worries Adarsh I will sleep in my room," he said, yawning.

"No! You are sleeping here that's it!" Adarsh got up from the chair, closed the door of his room, and spread a thick blanket on the floor.

"You're making me feel embarrassed," Karthik said. "I am sleeping on your bed while you are sleeping on the floor. This is your room, not mine."

"Good night," Adarsh turned off the light and laid his back flatly on the floor, and they both slipped into sleep.

Seven hours have passed. The time is 08:30. Adarsh stepped into his room after completing his daily morning routine, and workout. He was surprised to see Karthik still lying asleep on the bed. He started kicking him to wake him up.

"Get up! You incarnate of Kumbhakaran, It's already 08:30. For how long will you sleep?" Adarsh was shaking him.

"Please I will get up in ten minutes..." Karthik muttered still half-asleep.

"This is too much! From tomorrow you are going to wake up along with me. Why don't you make the habit of waking up early? We planned to go to the Hanuman temple today. Did you forget?"

Karthik got up. "Yes, I remember. I will get ready in ten minutes."

"Go and get ready soon. We will have breakfast once after we come back from the temple."

"Ok!" Karthik said and he went back to his room.

After twenty minutes he knocked on Adarsh's door. Adarsh came out holding the key, locked the door, and they both ventured out onto the road. After taking a series of three right turns, they reached the temple.

"Karthik, this is the temple," Adarsh said.

The temple is very small, constructed within the area of five hundred square feet. The sanctum is situated exactly in the center. Neem, mango, and other trees have grown across the perimeter.

After racking their footwear in the iron stand, they washed their hands and feet, circled the temple for eight times, and got into the temple.

"Hello, Adarsh How are you? Nowadays you are not coming?" greeted the temple priest, his face was full of wrinkles with a big vertical tilak in the center of his forehead. The white beard covered his neck completely. The hair on his head isn't completely grey. He always maintains an affable smile, greeting everyone. 

"I am fine uncle!" Adarsh fell on the priest's feet. "Whatever I have achieved so far, it is only because of you."

"Mano Vancha Phala Siddhi Rastu!" blessed the priest. "I don't have anything in my hands, everything is under the control of God. It is not me who has given life, but God."

Adarsh got up, and Karthik fell on the priest's feet.

"Sheegra Meva Kalyana Prapthirasthu!" the priest blessed Karthik and looked at Adarsh. "Who is this new guy? Your friend?"

"Not only my friend but my best friend," replied Adarsh.

The priest walked into the inner sanctum and performed devotional Aarti. After that, he gave prasadam to both Adarsh and Karthik.

"Adarsh! This time all your efforts will get paid-off soon. Trust me! This time everything will come to pass," said the priest, handing him the half shell of the coconut.

"I know uncle, as long as I have blessings from you I can achieve anything. It is only because of you, I am standing alive, straight, and fit in front of you."

"I am happy for you-"

There was a buzz on Adarsh's mobile. He took out his mobile from the pocket. "Give me a minute uncle!"

"No problem!" said the priest. 

Adarsh went out and came back running after five minutes. His face was beaming bright, brimming with happiness and excitement.

"I don't know what magic you have performed? I got a call from Vani Reddy, the founder and Managing Director of KBS Capital, one of India's leading venture capital firms."

"That's amazing!" exclaimed Karthik.

"Then why are you still waiting here? Go, today you are going to be the main striker. This time you will pass with flying colors. Lord is always with you..."

"Thank you, uncle! Please bless me..." Adarsh fell on his feet.

"Adarsh my blessings are always with you and I wish you all the best," the priest said.

"All the best Adarsh! But I have to wait till night to listen to your remaining story," said Karthik.

"No need! Uncle knows my entire story, he will tell you," he turned towards uncle. "Thank you uncle, I will meet you again..."

After having said that, Adarsh stepped out of the temple.

"Uncle do you know his story?" asked Karthik, with deep interest.

The priest broke into a gentle laugh. "Yes, young man! I know his entire story. Can you tell me where exactly did he stop?"

"At the hotel, where Aarti told him it's all over," Karthik returned, tilting his head.

"I see, Sit down! I will tell you the remaining story, don't worry it won't be lengthy," Karthik sat down on the floor, while the priest seated himself on the wooden plank.

"After the painful betrayal from Aarti," the priest continued, "Adarsh decided to commit suicide. In his mind, he decided to kill himself as soon as he reached the room. But God didn't permit him. He thought of asking forgiveness from God, before committing suicide as suicide is an unforgivable sin.

"He came to this temple. He donated the entire money of ten thousand into the donation box. It looked strange. I looked into his eyes, I was able to see that he is not donating it out of interest. It was clear, he is about to commit something wrong.

"As he was about to step out, I stopped him and made him sit exactly in the same place where you are sitting. I asked him the reason for his downheartedness. He gave me a sketch of his entire story. He decided he is unfit to live in this world. I just asked him one question - 'Will your revenge be completed with your suicide?' If suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem, then there would no human race on this planet.

"The youth of these days especially commit suicide for petty issues. Some commit suicide for failing in exams, some for love failure. Life is not just about eating, drinking, and movie watching. Life has a much deeper meaning which most people today aren't aware of because it is neither taught in schools and colleges and nor people seriously want to learn about it.

"When your computer goes haywire and you can't seem to diagnose the problem, usually the easiest solution is to just wipe everything and start from scratch.

"I asked Adarsh to list out the reasons why Aarti left him. He said like his boss was rich, has lots of money, runs a company, and so on. I asked him what it would be like if he had all those that his boss had. I asked him to give his life a second chance. And yes, he abided. And there is no looking back. He decided to build up his body, started reading books, learned martial arts, enrolled in toastmasters, and what not! In one year, he changed himself a lot. The beauty of life is that it always gives us a second chance to explore and become what you always wanted to. Life can surprise us with another chance, giving as the possibility to try something one more time, to recreate ourselves anew, and to start again. The problem is that either we miss that chance by remaining attached to a past failure, to a story without a happy ending. As long as you're breathing, you still have a second chance. The key is to detach yourself from the past and everything that can't be changed, and trust life and God that will give you a second chance, to a start a better life, to discover something about you that you didn't know before, to see life in a different way, to become the best version of yourself, and to give you the life that you truly deserve. It is only a matter of giving life the chance to show us those wonderful things that are waiting for us. If we're breathing means that we are alive, and if we are alive, opportunities are endless."

"If you speak like this anyone will abandon the thought of committing suicide and will instantly start working upon their dreams. But one thing I need to say, Adarsh has faced many struggles in his life," said Karthik. "How he surmounted the adversity is fantabulous. I need to learn a lot from him."

"You are right," the priest said. "We never get to meet anyone by chance or accident. You don't meet anyone by accident. People enter your life to teach you lessons, to make you happy, to bring you to hope, or to destroy you. And you need to know that destruction doesn't necessarily mean negativity."

"So you say there might be a reason for me to meet Adarsh and you? Can you enlighten me a bit on this matter," said Karthik.

"A wonderful question! Every single person you meet is here to teach you valuable lessons that your soul needs to experience to keep fighting and keep moving forward. They are not there by chance. Few people come to remind you of your purpose, these people are most likely not meant to stay but they will keep living in your heart because they become a part of your soul..."

"Like Aarti?"

"You are right. It is only because of Aarti he achieved a lot more in life. He is in a position to establish a company and provide employment opportunities. And next, few people walk into your life to inspire you to change. They are real gems even though you won't recognize them at first but once you do, you will be grateful for meeting them."

"I already met a person of this kind. He is none other than Adarsh. Truly he is a diamond. For me relocating to Bangalore was truly a blessing as I got the opportunity to meet Adarsh and you..."

"And Karthik, let me tell you about the next class of people who cause you pain. At some point in your life, you'll meet people who will cause you enormous pain and when that happens, remember that it is happening for a reason. After meeting those who hurt you, you will get to meet those who heal you and these healers, they will never leave until they've made sure that you're safe and sound and that your heart is ready to love again. As long as you need them, they will be there for you."

"I think I didn't experience this kind of any time."

"You will experience it in the future. You'll also meet people who are there for a specific reason, to teach you life lessons. These people are never meant to stay. From the moment you meet them, your soul will know that they are meant to leave."

"Yes! my Dad has experienced this. His business partner Ravi Shankar cheated on him."

"People of this kind are never meant to stay and unlike the people who are meant to leave, there are people who are meant to stay during your journey called life. But don't think that they will all be nice to you. They will treat you with respect but they will also tell you when you're not right. And know that no matter what happens, they will stay. They are meant to stay because their heart belongs to yours, which is the most powerful force in the whole universe."

"I never experienced any person of this kind."

"Karthik every human has to go through all these experiences. Show me your palm..."

Karthik put forward his palm. The priest started examining the lines on it.

"Well! There is a chance for you to excel. You are soon going to meet your soulmate. But, if you are not cautious and careful, then consequences would be detrimental. Always be on alert. Be vigilant and take good care of your dependents, never leave them alone..."

"What's going to happen?" his heart started racing fast.

"I told what may happen, not what will happen. There's a lot of difference between may and will. But so far my words never went astray. I advise you to be vigilant, throughout the time."

"Ok uncle! I will and what will happen to me? I will never involve myself in any kind of altercations and fights."

"Always maintain that," the priest said. "Anyways! It's time for me to go. It was nice meeting you young man."

"Uncle! One last question."

"Tell me, quick!"

"Can you tell me whether Andhra and Telangana will be separated?"

"A couple of weeks ago one person asked me the same question. I studied the planetary positions from the day the leader who is spearheading the Telangana movement went on for a hunger strike. And my results are saying that the state will get bifurcated. Sadly, the future of Andhra Pradesh looks dismal. No one is going to remain in that state. They will migrate to the nearby neighboring states."

"Does that mean, Andhra Pradesh will lose Hyderabad?" Karthik said.

"Hyderabad will be given to Telangana. Residual Andhra Pradesh will be humiliated by all the national parties. They promise to give everything, but they will not fulfill even a single one."

"This is really sad," Karthik said. "Don't you think this is an injustice?"

"Whenever there is a division between two persons, one is certain to enjoy the benefits, while the other has to suffer a bit..."

To be continued...

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