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Mahendrawada Kamesh

Action Crime Thriller


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Action Crime Thriller

The Day The State Split Asunder-10

The Day The State Split Asunder-10

5 mins 151 5 mins 151

Rajahmundry Police Guest House, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

The Director-general of Police A S Ramulu awoke slowly from his bed.

The telephone beside his bed started ringing incessantly in a loud and powerful tone, capable enough to take someone's breath away. His reaction at that unusual point is not overwhelming horror but a bemused “Huh.”

He turned on the bedside lamp and was deep in thought for a moment. 

He slowly picked up the receiver and placed it at his ear.


“Hello, Sir! This is Anil Joshi from the states Intelligence wing,” a man’s voice said.

He sat up straight in his bed, trying to gather the thoughts and pull his mind out of its sleepfulness. He quickly glanced at his digital clock placed beside on the table. it showed 01:34 A.M. It’s hardly only been an hour since he had fallen asleep.

"Yes, Mr.Anil, What's the matter?"

"Sir, I sincerely apologize for calling you at this hour but owing to the gravity of the situation I was left with no other option. We must meet immediately. I am exactly at the security desk. The greyhound's commissioner Acharya is also with me.”

"I am coming down, give the phone to the guard."

He informed the guard to let them in and disconnected the call. He collapsed back in bed, closed his eyes, and tried to fall back asleep. It was of no use. The police uniform hanging on his bedpost reminded him of his duty. Reluctantly, he put on his robe and went downstairs.

An exasperating groan escaped from his lips. One of the perils of serving in the police department is that you need to be available 24/7.

“Ever since this Andhra and Telangana dispute reached a pinnacle, life has become miserable for the entire police department.” he said to himself as he had been asleep only an hour, “What kind of a new problem is he going to place upon my shoulders? Two more months for my retirement, but I feel like Two Thousand Years.”

He wandered barefoot through the corridor, walked down the flight of stairs, and wended his way into the lofty drawing hall. The moonlight seeped through the windows and shined brightly against the marbled floor along with the patches created by the shadow of the tall eucalyptus and banyan tree outside of the guest house.

Dozens of police personnel along with the Anil and Acharya were sitting bleary-eyed on the chairs.

As the DGP was walking down the stairs everyone rose from their chairs and saluted him.

“Sorry, sir for stepping in at this late hour. It’s urgent,” the voice of the intelligence officer Anil is rigid.

“Gentlemen, I think we can discuss it in the meeting room.” said the DGP.

“Sure sir” replied the officer.

The DGP along with the intelligence officer and greyhounds commissioner walked into the meeting room. The DGP switched on the lights and there is a round table with five chairs placed around it. The three took their respective seats.

“Sir,” said Anil, “We got information from the intelligence agencies that the left-wing extremists are planning to launch an attack at Chief Minister’s meeting which is scheduled day after tomorrow. And also they are going to scramble ten elite members in their mission.”

“Oh my god! What can we do now?” said the DGP. “The Chief Minister’s meeting is just a day away.”

“Yes sir, And I think it’s better you suggest him to cancel the meeting,” said Anil.

“Have you gone mad? How can I openly tell him about our incapability in providing him with security? The government will question you Mr. Anil regarding the delay in relaying the information.”

“What can we do if the sources at that end delayed? If something happens to the Chief Minister, the situation is going to be worse.”

“Whatever it is? I cannot ask him to cancel the meeting. We still have one day. I will additionally deploy one thousand police personnel. Did you get any further inputs?”

“Yes sir, Can we get me a map of this district?”

“I will get it,” said the DGP and he took a map from the drawer which is present at the corner of the room, placed it flatly on the table.

“Sir, this is Unmayapeta where the Chief Minister is going to address,” he said circling the point on the map. “Ten kilometers North from this place, we have this dense jungle. Two weeks ago, sources spotted a few suspicious activities. Midway between Unmayapeta and forest, there is only this one village ‘Georgepet’ with an average population of five hundred people. We believe that they might have hidden their arms and weapons in this region.”

“It may even be possible that the ten members would have already checked in to this village.”

“Yes sir, It might have happened.” said Acharya, “Why don’t you order for the area to be cordoned?” 

“That is not going to help Mr.Acharya. It may also be a part of their ambush operation. A week ago in Orissa, they created the same pattern which misled the police personnel and killed twenty police personnel.”

“Then what can we do now, we don’t have much time,” said Acharya shrugging his shoulders. “If we can’t call off the meeting then we have to strain every nerve to prevent any possible attacks.”

“Mr. Acharya, Let’s do one thing. Let us scramble ten elite commandoes from Greyhounds. They are specially trained for deep forest pursuit and combat. Is Arjun on leave?”

“Which Arjun?”

“The sharpshooter Arjun Reddy. Make him the head of this mission. ”

“Yes sir, He is on leave and his village is nearby, shall we call him now itself ?”

“Sir,” said Anil raising from his chair. “I have provided all the information that I can from the Intelligence wing. Now it’s on both of you to decide how to evade it. If you can permit me, May I take leave?”

“Yes Mr. Anil, Thanks for the information. You can leave now. Gopal and I will discuss the proper course of action that needs to be deployed to immure the hostile forces.”

Anil walked out of the room saluting the DGP.

“And now,” said Acharya, “We can do one thing, let us send Arjun along with fourteen commandos to Georgepet village. We don’t even have the photographs of the suspects. But, still, we can trust the instincts of Arjun. He led many swift and surprise attacks deep in the guerilla hotbed.”

“Put him on call now.”

To be continued…

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