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Super Duper Surprise

Super Duper Surprise

4 mins

In a village, there was a couple, Subhash and Sunetra. They had a small house made of mud, dry grass and wood a small farm and few sheep which was the only source of their livelihood. And they were happy with what they had. Subhash and Sunetra were married for 8 years now but didn't have children but they were hopeful.

Their farm was not an income for them but what was grown in farm like vegetables, some grains was enough to fulfill their daily food requirements and grass and some plants were food for their sheep.

Subhash and Sunetra both were less educated but were simple and harmless, they used to take good care of themselves, their sheep and their farm.

Their routine was very normal like village people live. Getting up early in the morning make tea, do their routines work and Subhash will go to farm and also look after sheep and Sunetra will cook the meal. Then after having their meal take some rest and again take sheep for feeding grass and plant leaves and if they have to do some purchasing like household grocery and other items then either of them or both would go to the market and after coming back home do prayers to God. And Sunetra will cook dinner for them and Subhash will either take rest, talk to neighbouring friends or help Sunetra in cooking meals. There were only two small bulbs in their house and as such In villages dinner and bed time is early as they have habit of getting up early in the morning.

Their yearly income time was when sheep are ready and it is a time for shearing. When that time came before that what Sunetra did that she took one sheep and asked her friend in same village to keep the sheep. Next day Subhash felt something missing when he took sheep for feeding but he didn't bother. Now he found Sunetra going to her friend's place since two days. So she said I was missing my parents house so. . . . . . but actually she was going to see her sheep. Now in two days they had sheep shearing in their village. big merchants came and took all fur / raw cutting from which the wool is made with lots of processing. Merchant was quite generous and gave them good amount of money as the quality of their sheep was good. They got 2. 5 lakhs which they deposited in Bank. Sunetra took that sheep from friend and told merchant that I don't want money in return for woolen fleece of this sheep but give me wool in exchange. so he agreed to give her wool in next 15-20 days time. Subhash was not aware about this. .

Now merchant came after 17 days with wool as he promised, a nice colour wool so she had asked him to come to her friend's house. She brought the wool and finally told Subhash about it, she said I wanted to give you a surprise. Because people make sweaters from our sheep wool but you never had a good sweater for winter. So he was very happy and at the same time he came with velvet colour wool, which was Sunetra's favourite colour and told her this is for you. What you thought only you can give me a surprise ????? I too had told my friend to take wool in exchange for one of our sheep's fur, I also had given our sheep to him for few days. Both were very happy as they will have a good winter this year.

Sunetra had learned to make sweaters since she was not married. She started knitting a sweater for her husband Subhash and after that she had to make her sweater.

Days passed. One sweater she completed and another one she started. Their routine was the same as usual and they were happy. One day Sunetra told her husband that I am feeling uneasy since 2 days so they decided to go to a lady doctor in their village. Subhash was standing outside while the doctor was checking Sunetra after a few minutes doctor called Subhash and said sit, said you both have good news, they were surprised!!!!! A new small cute guest is going to come and make an addition in your family.

They came home and were very happy. They did their prayers as usual and conveyed their gratitude to God for making their dream come true. Subhash started taking extra care of Sunetra. After two months they also told their friends about this good news, all were happy for them.

Sunetra finished her sweater too. And some wool of both colours was still unused which she said I will make small tiny socks and sweater for the small cute guest.

Months passed, and after completion of nine months Sunetra gave birth to a baby boy. . . . . . . Everything was just fine. . . . . . as expected. . . . their hard work and waiting finally paid off . . .

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