Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Action Thriller


Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Action Thriller

Fearsome experience

Fearsome experience

10 mins

Note: This is just the imaginary story and names used are also not real. 

   Virat was in first year of engineering. Virat Ahluwalia, a sincere and intelligent student got 88% in 12th, his dream is to become aeronautics engineer. Just with very little margin he failed to get the admission to stream that he wanted but university had rule that if a student gets extra ordinary marks in first year then they may reconsider the application and may allow the change in stream of study.

So to get the admission to aeronautics Virat was working hard on his studies and he also had joined a class for subjects where he wanted to improve his marks. His college timings were 10am to 3:30 pm and his classes used to be at 4pm.

After college and before classes, Virat usually used to go for a cup of tea to roadside restaurant, which was in an open space and in a lane which was not very crowded with traffic. 

That day Virat attended his last lecture in college and Sir had to leave early so finished lecture at 3pm only. Virat was not that friendly with classmates, in the sense he was very studious and decent boy and was not like other boys. So instead of accepting a friend's invitation to go with him to his house, Virat thought of going to roadside restaurant and sit there and read something and utilise his time and have a cup of tea.

He sat there at peaceful place, kept his bag on round table. There were very few customers, may be two or three and they were busy eating snacks and sipping tea/ coffee. Owner of restaurant started preparing fresh tea for Virat. Virat looked the exact time from his mobile and he was taking out a book from his bag and suddenly he heard a sound of sudden break by car. He went ahead and what he saw was shocking. A girl in school uniform was lying on road and she was injured badly. 

Varun saw that there were three to four young boys in the car which strike that girl. That car stopped at distance just for few seconds, when they heard voice of that girl, help help.....then they thought she is alive so they started the car and drove with full speed and disappeared from there.

Restaurant owner Dinesh came out to see what is this noise ? Owner, his waiter boy , Virat and one more person went to accident spot, stopped one vehicle from road and took that girl to hospital, she was already unconscious due to such sudden accident and injuries. Virat and Dinesh did some formalities of hospital so doctors immediately started her treatment. Dinesh supported Virat by telling him that he will sign on papers, Virat don't need to get indulge in all this.

Luckily restaurant owner knew this girl's father but he didn't have contact number. Nurse came and gave her school Id card which they found in that girl's uniform pocket. Her name written was Ritika Sharma and they found residential number from that card. Restaurant owner Dinesh immediately called on that no. and informed her family. 

Virat was looking at time, he thought he may miss his class today. Dinesh told Virat that you can go, attend your class and come back if you wish to.

Virat was confused, but then he attended his class and went home. Virat told his parents and his elder brother about this accident. His parents told him that now you should not go to that restaurant because if that girl's father file complaint then there may be inquiry and they will definitely try and get information from Dinesh, his waiter boy and you too. You are a student, you concentrate on your studies. Virat went to his elder brother's room to talk something more on this accident so his brother assured him and said that not to worry.

Next day morning before going to college, Virat thought he should go and check with Dinesh bhaiyaa and know about the condition of that girl. So Dinesh said that girl has fracture on her leg and some injuries on her face and hands but doctor said, good you came to hospital immediately, else she must have been into danger due to bleeding from her wounds. Ritika's father was government officer. 

Ritika's father had already spoken to Dinesh on what exactly they know, do they remember car number ? And who was inside ? So Dinesh said that I will ask Virat when he come in the afternoon today. So mr. Sharma asked, " who this Virat is ? I want to meet him just now. " So Dinesh said that he is first year student of engineering in this nearby University.

Mr. Sharma had already filed complaint about this accident, but he thought this case doesn't seem to be a normal accident and so he should hire private investigator for this. So he called a private investigator and fixed meeting after 4pm,. He said he will come to the hospital for meeting. 

Mr Sharma went to university. He asked a group of students if they know Virat and told them that he is his relative. so they said no, but they said we can take you to first year's class.

Mr. Sharma took the permission of professor to meet Virat, Virat came out and was wondering why this person wants to meet me ? So mr Sharma gave his card and introduced himself and told Virat if he can do one more favour and come to hospital after 4pm. Virat remembered his parents words, that he should concentrate on studies. Virat said very politely, ' mr. Sharma I have to attend classes at 4pm so can't come. ' 

But while talking Virat gave primary information to mr. Sharma that it was Alto car and there were 3 to 4 young boys inside the car, they waited for few seconds and ran away in full speed. Mr. Sharma thanked him and told him that if he has some more information then please contact him.

Virat again went to his class but somehow was not able to concentrate on lecture. Virat was a young boy of 18 yrs. So for him also it was a frightening experience which he saw happening first time in front of his eyes.. Virat was not able to forget that.

In the evening private detective mr. KJ, (which was his short name and used to insist his clients call him by this name only ) came to hospital. Mr. Sharma was waiting for him outside the room, in lobby where Ritika was admitted.

Mr. KJ and Mr. Sharma greeted each other and KJ said, ' very first thing I do is I meet the victim. So I would like to meet your daughter mr. Sharma. ' both of them entered in ward, Ritika was resting. Mr. Sharma told Ritika that KJ want to ask you few questions. Ritika was not in favour of hiring private investigator because as per her it was just an accident. But her father told her that what I am doing is right.

KJ asked Ritika, about the direction that she was going to, what is it that she saw ? Will she be able to recognise them ? She could see their faces ? Who all came and helped her ? Ritika gave answers to all questions. 

Then KJ asked, ' if you suspect anyone ? Is there anyone who may wanted to harm her ? some enemy in school or any friend, neighbour ? '

Ritika said, ' no I don't think so.' KJ and mr. Sharma came out and sat on sofa in lobby. Now KJ said, ' tell me more about your daughter. How is she in her studies ? because I have met her and yes she is beautiful and well mannered girl.'

Mr. Sharma told KJ that Ritika is extra ordinary in her studies. In fact she represented her school alongwith two more students in science experiment and she was winner of competition at national level, she got 3Rd rank. And in fact she has got scholarship from our government to go to NASA for two months during coming vacation. 

Now KJ got clue. He again went inside to speak to Ritika. He asked names of other two students who participated in competition but could not qualify for NASA with some margin. Also he asked Ritika if she has boyfriend ? She said no. Then KJ told mr. Sharma to go out for few minutes. KJ said with little smile on his face that, ' Ritika you are beautiful and clever girl. I am sure someone must have approached you to become his girl friend. Or did you ever could sense that someone has crush on you and when he approached you, you refused ? ' 

After a pause Ritika told KJ that when they were in Delhi for science experiment, Rahul who was one year senior to her in school and was part of that competition, had asked her if she will be his girl friend and she refused outright. Because she said I want to concentrate on my studies.

There KJ got another clue. Now KJ wanted to find out the proof. KJ decided to go to Ritika's school next day and meet principal to take the permission to investigate on this matter and he tell mr. Sharma about it. KJ take the leave of mr. Sharma saying that he has some other case to investigate and tell mr. Sharma that if he get some more information then convey accordingly.

Here Virat was busy in his college and class and studies but somehow he was disturbed due to this accident incident. He was feeling as though something is not right.

 On dinner table his parents and his brother were discussing about the coming election in their state while watching news on television about it. So Virat' s father said yes now Virat is also eligible to vote from this year.

It striked Virat that yes he is adult now. And should take some decisions on his own and also the responsibility of it's results. Virat decided to do his duty come what may. If he can help someone get justice then he should contribute from his side without thinking much or without any fear.

as usual Virat go to university, attend his lecture and he feel the difference. Today he was feeling confident and he could concentrate on lecture. When first lecture got over, Virat come out from class and call mr Sharma on the phone no. given on vising card. 

Mr. Sharma immediately attend his call. Virat tell mr. Sharma to come to Dinesh's restaurant after 45mnts. Mr. Sharma agree to that. Virat attend one more lecture and go to the restaurant, where mr. Sharma was eagerly waiting for him. 

Virat take out his mobile and show the picture of accident spot and of that car which he clicked quickly when those boys got down and waited for few seconds. Virat also took one photo from back side of car where number plate was visible. Virat told mr. Sharma, ' I apologies for not giving you this information the same day, but you know I was told by my parents to concentrate on my studies and not to get involved much.' 

Mr. Sharma thanked Virat and said, ' no need to feel sorry my son, I can understand this. never mnd I have got the information just in time and before the hearing in court.authorities and our private investigator will catch hold of the culprits. Don't worry. ' I will see to it that you don't need to come. You carry on with your studies. I am extremely thankful to you and invite you to my home with your parents when Ritika gets discharged from hospital. '

This is how Ritika's planned accident mystery gets solved and culprits get the punishment so that in future they never think of hurting someone.

Well we hope that Virat accept mr. Sharma's invitation and go to see Ritika at home with his parents. And they become friends and may be life partners when the appropriate time comes. 

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