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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

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Sharda was crying badly. She just delivered a baby girl. No ! no! She was not crying because it was a girl. She was crying because it was their third girl.

Sahib would surely kill her. He demanded a boy from her and she couldn't give him. She already had undergone 2 miscarriages. She was shaken with the fear when the doctor gave her daughter. She does not know how to take her to her father. Sahib was always drunk. He had beaten Sharda many times. Sharda was crying and cursing herself and her destiny to give her daughter. She doesn't know what she was going to do with her. Was she going to left her in some dustbin?? Was she going to take care of her?? Was she going to take her to her home, where she actually belonged to?? Was she going to donate her to some orphanage??

 She was busy in her thoughts when she realised that her little angel holds her hand and slept peacefully. It was the time when Sharda decided that she was going to take her home, no matter what the consequences could be. It was her right to live in her parents home and nobody could snatch that from her, not even her own father.

Even Sharda's mom asked her to leave her daughter in the hospital only. 

But Sharda denied and scolded her mom," How could you even think of this, maa?? You are a woman at first, you are a mother, you also have daughters. Did you had thrown us??"

" What rubbish?"

" It's not rubbish Maa. It's true. You asked me to leave my one-day old daughter in the trash, it's inhuman. She needs me the most. "

"But Sahib won't forgive you for this...."

" I didn't make a mistake. So why do I need his forgiveness?? Mom I know, he wants a baby boy, but it is not my fault that I give birth to a daughter. It doesn't depend on the female. Sex of the child is decided by the contribution of the father."

Sahib was that much drunkard that he didn't know his wife was not at home.

Sharda came home with her newborn daughter. Her daughters Shaanti and Komal hugged her tight. When they saw their mother, they cried their hearts out. Sharda got to know that her husband had beaten his daughters in her absence. Sharda got more worried about new born baby. She didn't want her to face things which her sisters were already facing. Sahib and his mother came to know about the third daughter. They both cursed Sharda for it. Sharda was shaking with fear. In the night, he came home and beaten Sharda. Sharda was fed up of all the torture and domestic violence. But, when Sahib came to threw his newborn daughter, Sharda snatched her daughter from him and gave her to Shaanti. She even warned him not to touch her, otherwise, she doesn't know what she would do to him.

Sahib and their daughters were shocked to see that face of Sharda. Sahib came to his senses. He came to knew that he won't be able to fight anymore, so he decided to drop the thing there only. Sharda holds all of her daughters together and slept with them.

Time passed but he did not touch Sharda or his daughters since that incident. Sharda named her youngest daughter Shakti

Sharda encouraged her daughter's not to tolerate any sort of injustice. She was paying heavily for the things she had not done. She always advises them not to become any Sharda. Slowly slowly, Sahib's mother poisoned him against studying of his daughters. Sahib told Sharda that he won't let them study. That day also, Sharda raised her voice that her daughters will study and she would see who could stop them. She did household chores of others and from that money, she ran her whole household and educated her children.

Shaanti, Komal and Shakti became her strength.

'Charity begins at home, same is the change.'

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