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Seventh Moonless Night

Seventh Moonless Night

9 mins


"Why is this field tour necessary every month?" asked my wife Ritu with frustration.

"Company rule my dearnot a single engineer is ready to go to Bheeru Hera areathey hate that rural area," I replied without looking at her.

"And what is interesting for you in that area, Sid?" she asked with her beautiful but penetrating eyes.

"Perks dear," I replied indifferently thinking about Shuchi and her tender kisses.

"Sidharth, you have always been a careless father to Juhi and a useless husband to me. I know how much perks you get and how much have you saved for our future.

"Rituplease no argument now... I'm about to go."

"Go SidI've given up on you a long time ago," said Ritu and went into the house and closed the door.

I was in a hurry so I went straight to my car and drove it out to the road to go to the Sanga Ruins, where my new love Shuchi will come to meet me.


Another Woman

I came across her five months ago when I was returning from Bheeru Hera a remote town inside Kali Valley, 150 km east of Will City. It was almost 9 o'clock in the evening and I was in a hurry to reach my home. I was under the eerie shadow of Sanga Ruins when she came out running from the ruins and a wild boar behind her. I stopped my car between her and the boar. The aggressive boar made his way to reach to the girl and she came running towards me and took me in her tight embrace. That very moment I took a cobble and hit the boar with it. The boar grunted and ran away. She was trembling badly and clung to me like mistletoe. The boar had gone, now I realized that a very beautiful and warm body was in my embrace and the intoxicated scent of her body was taking over my senses.

"The boar has gone; now you can go wherever you want," I said without making any effort to come out of her embrace.

"It might come back... please stay with me until my husband comes back," she said with a lot of fear.

"Where is your husband?"

"He's coming back from Bheeru Hera carnival."

"Okay." I pushed her away and sat on the bonnet of my car.

"We are gipsies, babuji, there is a little tent inside the ruin if you like you can come with me."

It was really very hard to forget the warmth of her body which I felt moments ago and I wanted to feel it again so I looked at her and said, "When is your husband likely to come?"

"He is about to come, babuji..."  said she and started walking towards the ruin.

I was spellbound by her beauty, I also followed her.

"Why are you following her?" something inside asked me. But I overheard my inner voice and followed her.

She turned back and looked at me and started singing a song which was beyond comprehension. Perhaps she was singing in her native language. 

Inside the ruin, there was not any tent or anything else just long stretched grass ground. Which was looking eerie under the moonless night. An unknown force was taking me inside. Suddenly a boar grunted and she ran towards me, I opened my arms to hold her. She was in my arms again and looking into my eyes. A group of jackals howled and she held me tightly… it was enough… I kissed her forehead… she didn't object. Within a few moments, we were lip locked and exploring the unexplored. 

All through the night, she went on melting in my arms and I showered all my love on her. The parched grass was our heavenly abode and twinkling stars were the mere spectators of this passionate love.

Next day I had no courage to face my wife and daughter so I went straight to my office. Guilty feelings were heavy on that day. I've sinned with someone else's wife. All the following weeks were pathetic... I went on burning in the fire of shame but a rebellious man inside me was waiting for the next moonless night when Shuchi will be again in my arms. She had told me that she would wait for me every moonless night in the Sanga ruins and her sad songs went on echoing in my ears. On the morning of the moonless night, I was excited to go to Bheeru Hera Service centre. I worked there half-heartedly all day. 

In the evening when I was rushing towards the Sanga ruins I could hear her lonely song, she was out there waiting for me. As I entered the ruins the song stopped and Shuchi appeared in her traditional gypsy attire. Within seconds she was in my arms and another night of passionate love began.

Following three moonless nights were more or less the same. Now I've overcome my guilty feelings and visiting Sanga ruins every moonless night had become a ritual for me. Every meeting with her left me with more desire for her...a five months long courting had left a drastic impact on me... I had suddenly grown olderat 31 I was looking 45. My gentle wife was concerned and she was constantly forcing me to go see a doctor. There was no single moment when Shuchi's lonely song was not echoing in my ears. I had sleepless nights and my hair was falling drastically.


Today was the night of our meeting… the seventh moonless night. Our area manager was in Bheeru Hera today and there was no chance for me to ditch the work and go so I completed some long-pending works half-heartedly. When the area manager left, it was already late and I drove very fast to reach the Sanga ruins. It was dark everywhere and my car headlights were trying to penetrate it. Sanga ruins were still far and I saw a man standing in the middle of the road, there was no way to drive ahead without hitting him. I stopped my car close to him and shouted, "Are you crazy?"

The man came close to my car and shouted back, "You are chasing a shadow go away from her…or be ready to die."

I overheard him and drove fast to leave him behind.

Soon I was at the foot of the ruin but there was no sound of her song and no sign of her. Perhaps she couldn't make it today. I roamed through the ruin but there was no sign of her. I decided to wait for her. After three hours boring waiting when I was about to leave she appeared from nowherenaked...her eyes burning red.

She looked at me and jumped like a tigress on me and said in a strange voice, "This is our seventh moonless night together and you will be mine forever today."

I was a bit afraid but the warmth of her body took over my senses. Soon we were lost in the world of everlasting lust.

Rowing To Death 

"I'll show you my home today… please, come with me," said she after a passionate lovemaking session.

"That is not" I opened my mouth to say something but she placed her index figure on my lips and stopped me from speaking.

She took my hand and walked like a whirlwind. River Kali was just behind the main building of the ruins. The dark water of the river was looking eerie; a wave of terror ran through my naked body. Soon there came a little boat swimming and Shuchi helped me to ride on it. She took the oars in her hands and started rowing the boat towards the centre of the river. Within a few minutes, it was flowing free with the dark water of the river. We both were naked and I knew nothing where she was taking. Soon I heard the swirling sound of water. I was terrified because nothing was visiblesoon I realized that there was a big vortex in the middle of the stream of the river which was roaring like an animal. Shuchi saw the terror in my eyes but there was a smile on her face and her eyes were shining like a night dweller.

I realized that the boat will be in vortex grip within a few moments, I did not know swimming but I jumped into the dark and cold water of the river and Shuchi also followed me. She came swimming towards me and held my hand in her powerful grip and started swimming towards the vortex. I tried hard to free my hand but she didn't let it go and we entered the dreaded vortex and started swirling in it. I realized my end was near and that very moment Shuchi took me in her embrace and placed her icy cold lips on mine and we started going down the vortex. Now I knew where Shuchi's home was and what she meant to do with me. I thought about my gentle wife and lovely daughter and thought who'll look after them after me. The powerful swirls were taking us deep down and I have swallowed a lot of water by then and my lungs were also filling with water after every watery breath which I was taking. Shuchi's deadly eyes were penetrating my whole existence and I was about to die.

All of a sudden a fishnet appeared from nowhere and wrapped around me. An unknown force was pulling me upward and there was a perplexed expression on Shuchi's face. She hugged me hard and that very moment I lost my consciousness.


When I regained consciousness, I was on a hospital bad and my wife and daughter was sitting beside my bed.

"Some fishermen who took you out of a vortex told me that you were with a womannaked in a boat. So that woman was the reason for your frequent visits to Bheeru Hera?" Ritu asked me.

I kept quiet.

"You shameless man, you hurt my trust in you. Did you ever think of your growing daughter? Shame on youthere is no place for you in our lifeI'm leaving you and your home."

"Ritu yes, I hurt you and sinned...but I don't know what made me do it all."

"Don't be so innocentyou are a cheater and that's all." ———said Ritu and left the hospital with Juhi.

Solitary Song

I was so week and confused that I couldn't even think about my present circumstanceswhich were, of course, the worst.

Late in the evening, the hospital authority shifted me from ICU to the private ward which was dimly lit and a bit alienated. The doctors told me that my wife was still in the hospital and looking after all my needs and best treatment. I thought about her and my eyes were moist...that very moment the solitary song of Shuchi echoed in my earsI felt the intoxicating fragrance of Shuchi's body was around and taking over my senses.

I jerked my head and promised to myself no more cheating on my family… I determined to break the magic of that enchantress.

Come you witch, I'll fix you.

That very moment the window of ward opened and she came down swirling clad in Hindu bridal attire.

"You have spent seven moonless night with me, you are mine now forever," said she and jumped on me like a wounded tigress.

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